Angry Jamai Raja Fans Sign Petition Against The Current Track Of The Show

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Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma In Jamai Raja
Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma In Jamai Raja

Zee TV’s much loved show Jamai Raja has been appreciated always for its unique concept and brilliant actors who have made the show what it is right now. The show stars the dashing Ravi Dubey and the lovely Nia Sharma as the lead couple – Siddharth and Roshini and their sizzling chemistry have made the show an instant hit. The show also stars Achint Kaur, Apara Mehta and Shruti Ulfat in important roles.

Currently the show is focussing on the Siddharth and Roshini planning to marry once again as all their misunderstandings have been cleared. But on the other hand, Sid’s best friend Misha is seen as a psycho secret lover of Sid who plans to kill Roshini so as to get married to Siddharth and so she plans her own fake sexual assault.

However, the fans of Siddharth and Roshini or SidNi (as called fondly by their fans) have recently initiated a petition against the creatives of the show to change the current track. They want the track of Misha to end asap as it is adding a lot of negativity to the show and they do not want this track to go on forever like Rajveer’s.

Moreover, Roshini’s character has been turned into a foolish, brainless person and all she is seen doing all day is to cry like a damsel in distress.

The current track has attracted negative feedback. The angry fans who have been literally waiting eagerly for their favourite SidNi to reunite since the past few months are not ready for another separation.

Here’s the petition letter by the fans that’s doing rounds at

Jamai Raja Fans' Petition
Jamai Raja Fans’ Petition

The petition letter can be found at the following link:

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