Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi : Sona’s Frustration, Dev’s Patience, Ishwari’s Insecurity- New Chapter Of Love Begins!

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Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Hello guys! So it’s the 7th day of the new year of 2017 and we are already done with the first week of this brand new year. Hopefully, all you guys had a good and a great week.

Watching the episode, I was smiling hard, really hard. In one of my earlier article, just for fun, I had mentioned if Dev should visit Shimla to get his brains back. Probably it’s freezed there. And look! He has reached Shimla. But sadly, he could not find his teaspoon level intelligence there also!

Jokes apart, coming to the episode now. After watching the episode, almost thrice, I must appreciate the symbolisms the writers have used in certain scenes. Sonakshi’s dialogues, Dev’s initial romantic gestures and the way Sonakshi expressed her frustration yesterday were all bang on!

Yes, some people might be displeased with the way the story is moving forward, but we think, you guys need to give a chance to the makers to show what they want to show. The biggest rule in showbizz is to keep the show going on. And creating hurdles after every episode, every scene and every leakage of spoilers, doesn’t make the ‘going on’ easier. I am not defending the story line here, what I am saying is that if they have thought something, then they must have their reasons. Let it play out.

Coming to the episode now. I will keep it simple today. We will just talk about what we liked and what we didn’t. While my list of dislikes is very short but very strong, my list of likes is a bit longer –


Dev Dixit –

1. I loved it when he started practicing how to give that flower to Sonakshi.
2. I loved it how he called himself as the cheezy 70s style Rajesh Khanna type filmy romantic hero
3. I loved how his mouth fell open seeing Sonakshi in that gown
4. I loved how he called his wife ‘boring’ for cladding herself with sarees and salwar kameez.
5. I loved how he taunted Sonakshi saying that it had been she who stalked him, followed him and even reached his engagement, got drunk and created drama to get married to him (of course it was him who did all this but his way of twisting the tale was enough to make you laugh)
6. I loved how he said he was all set to entertain the interfering manager of the resort.
7. I loved how they played the flashbacks of their previous moments along with their current dance (probably because we aren’t going to get these moments for a long time in the coming episodes)
8. I loved how Dev kept his patience yesterday with Sonakshi and never even lost his cool once.
9. I loved how he came over to meet her near the fire with his coat and covered her with it to protect her from cold (There was a hero long time ago on TV, during my teenage days who always came up with a coat to meet the girl. Got reminded of him, so obviously I liked it!)
10. I loved it how he genuinely was worried for Sonakshi and was trying to calm her down in every way.

Sonakshi Bose Dixit –

1. I loved it how she tried to forget everything and wanted to be with her husband that evening.
2. I loved it how she said ‘I forever want to remain Mrs. Dixit’ to Dev when he addressed her as ‘Miss Bose’. (The line was indeed very symbolic)
3. I loved it when she felt humiliated with the idea that Ishwari might have said everyone in the resort that she can’t conceive. Her reactions was justified and normal.
4. I loved it when she vocally told Dev that she is feeling like a baby ‘carrier’ with ‘no identity’
5. I loved it when she said that they are not there for a vacation but they are there on ‘Mission Dixit Baby’
6. I loved it when she threw things at Dev and blurted her heart out.
7. I loved it when she asked Dev not to act like a ‘mahaan’ and remind her that she can’t give him a child.
8. I loved it how the constant feeling of being incomplete was disturbing her to the limit of frustration.
9. I loved it when she told Dev about his wrong and annoying habit of trying to sort a ‘temporary solution’ to everything.
10. I loved it how the fire got extinguished slowly due to heavy snowfall and at the same time silence and darkness prevailed between Dev and Sonakshi. She no longer talked and he no longer asked questions. The moment stood still and probably it was a way of the writers to tell us what’s waiting for the duo ahead. When a relationship loses it warmth (symbolism with fire), it’s bound to become cold (symbolism with snowfall).

Elena –

I am amazed at her! Even she knows Dev better than the Dixits, doesn’t she? What she told to Vickey, Maami and Ishwari about Dev’s investment was exactly word to word same as Dev had said to Sonakshi!

I don’t know if I should be ashamed of the Dixits right now or be proud of these two Bose sisters.


1. I didn’t like how Dev is still acting like a naive unable to understand where the real problem lies.
2. I don’t like it when Dev doesn’t understand that at one time he can’t make everyone happy and that he needs to stop looking for temporary solutions.
3. I don’t like the idea that he would return back to Delhi without really understanding where he is really going wrong.
4. I hated Monday’s episode especially the temple scene wherein Ishwari constantly addressed Sonakshi as ‘that girl’ (woh ladki), ‘your wife’ (teri patni), ‘the girl whose entry in the house got me out of the house’ (woh jiske ghar mein aane se mujhe ghar se bahaar nikalna pada) was absolutely annoying to watch. What was more heartbreaking was to see how Dev with folded hands asked her to return and also that he loves Sonakshi. And the ‘dharmik’ Ishwari, in front of God put conditions to her son in order to return. I have seen. People who are too religious in nature, are more prone towards committing sins. It’s weird isn’t it? Ishwari unknowingly, for a child who doesn’t exist yet is destroying her own child’s life. Needless to say, too much interference in a couple’s bedroom is the most unwanted thing ever. What happened to the Ishwari who could not identify a hickey or even asked her daughter in law why she has lit candles while waiting for her husband at the dinner table? Like seriously? You don’t know why you lit candles during dinner but you know how to book a romantic dinner in a lone resort at Shimla? When will this lady understand her limitations?
5. In one word, I don’t like it how Ishwari doesn’t understand or respect her son’s love at all! I hate it how Dev and Sonakshi both are treated like two manufacturing machines to produce something that Ishwari wants to play with desperately.

P.S:- People who read my articles regularly are aware that I like to use multiple number of pictures in my article. But today I have used only one. That one is my favourite and I want to keep that particular moment of the picture in my mind while moving towards a difficult phase of this story.

I believe every love story has a few phases to cover. Like new chapters of a novel. The first chapter might be meeting your love, 2nd would be knowing your love, 3rd would be falling in love, 4th would be understanding pain in love, 5th would be uniting with your love, 6th would be living your love, 7th would be fate testing your love and 8th would be your final definition of love.

A story is never about its beginning or its end. It’s about the journey from the beginning towards its end. So while moving towards the beginning of a new chapter of love and colours, I would want to start it keeping in mind this picture of Dev and Sonakshi, for I believe that if I start it well, it will end well.

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Sangita Khandual
Sangita Khandual
Thanks Saheli Ma’am for your wonderful article. Yes as you said in your previous article, girls take time to take a stand for themselves, so did Sona. It was heartening to see Sonakshi to pour all her heart out and vent her anger on Dev. And Dev, what a person he is, was calm and stoic throughout. He really cares and understands her feelings. Putting the spolier aside, I can really say that Dev is husband goal. Aakhir kal kisne dekha. I don’t really have a person who has the ability to get through my anger without reprimanding me, for… Read more »
awesome articulation… love your articles….I just want to add one thing…. Friday episode… Sonakshi said that” she has to spend her whole life saying sorry to all” this is the future of Devakshi I feel. …. but it is painful that since these guyz got married Sona has to suffer a lot.. I fail to understand y only DIL has so suffer coz of unnecessary and illogical demands of MIL. GKB should be thrown out of house.. Dev can slap his FIL but cant say any thing to his mamiji who all the time says all non- sense things.. at… Read more »
Saheli, thanks for an excellent writeup once again. You have penned down every thought which syncs beautifully with most us I guess. Dev’s lack of even a “teaspoon full of intelligence” is worrisome. His inability to handle both his mother and Sonakshi and looking for temporary fixes just baffles me. A successful businessman,I am sure should know some tact. The last episode was indeed a good one as it showed Sonakshi’s much awaited response and once again we could get back the strong ,bold Sonakshi.She said it all! That was a natural response. It perplexes me to see that a… Read more »

The episode on thursday was equally irritating with the resort staff chasing them every where. It indeed masked a lot of beautiful moments that were there. It was not only stressful to see them being followed everywhere by the staff but also Ishwari calling up from time to time. I guess since monday the stress was mounting on the viewers and on thursday the threshold of tolerance just collapsed. The balance however was restored in Friday’s episode. We do appreciate the connect that the Makers have with the viewers!!!

Thank you so much for the article, it is a pleasure reading (though I don’t read all of them). I simply cant accept Ishwaris nature, she always pretends what she is not and says what she dont mean. She fell sick on their first night and when they decided to go to Paris but now she arranges for holiday?? I am happy that she spoke the truth woh ladki, tumari patni from meri chouti beti, meri Sonakshi. Rarely sometimes I watch other shows here and there, I dont hate the vamps or villains as I can’t relate them to real… Read more »
Sarasa Krishnan
Was waiting for this write up eagerly. You have hit bull’s eye correctly. Ishwari’s use of woh ladki and tumhari Patna was indeed in bad taste – a typical uncultured expression amongst rural folks of north India.This speaks a lot for her typical mom- in -law attitude of high handed ness and interfering nature. I think the writers have wonderfully brought this aberration that exists even today in a majority of mother- in- laws. Supriya mam has amazingly portrayed this complex character. Many viewers are bashing the character ,but let me tell you , such women do exist. We will… Read more »