Naamkarann : Meet The MAN Of The Moment – 3 Dialogues From Neil Khana That Will Make You Love Him More

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Star Plus with its show Naamkarann has given the viewers one of the best male protagonists on Indian television. Neil Khanna is honest and straight forward, a man who has the guts to call a spade a spade. He is a thorough gentleman and is the MAN of the moment.

ACP Neil Khanna today yet again went on to prove why he is the HERO of the show. A man with a spine, Neil literally had every ardent follower of the show cheering for him and whistling at his actions tonight.

Lost in the thoughts of Avni, Neil was missing her but as an uninvited intrusion Shweta made her presence felt to Neil. With Shweta spouting nonsensical crap against Avni, it was Neil who took matters in his hands and had the guts to call out his mother on her double standards.

With every dialogue Neil said in support of Avni, Shweta’s face lost its colour and what a pleasing sight it was. The man clearly knows the difference between right and wrong and he always picks the right.

They say ‘action speak louder than words’ but tonight each word spoken by Neil was a thunderstorm that struck Shweta’s crooked thought process. Way to go Neil Khanna!

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Take a look at his 3 hard hitting dialogues of Neil from tonight and we guarantee you, you will come to respect and love the man more.


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