OMG – Did You Think They Ever Ate? TV Actors Show Their Foodie Side – In Pics

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They are fit, healthy and they look absolutely stunning and gorgeous on screen. They often post pictures of their gyming sessions which make us wonder about their determination to achieve fitness.

We often think that they diet too much and never really indulge themselves in eating tasty and yummy dishes. Those golgappas, burgers, french fries, pastries, kababs aren’t really for them, right?

If that’s what you thought, then these pictures below will break your assumptions. Staying fit doesn’t mean starving yourself or never eating things that you love the most. Staying fit means burning the extra calories you are taking in.

Eat everything but just work out enough to burn those extra calories. And of course, a little bit of cheating with your diet chart will not do too harm to you.

So for all those who think of starving themselves or sacrifice their foodie nature forever, here’s a short feature for you all showing off the TV actors who are fit yet are foodies!

Rithvik Dhanjani And Asha Negi With Friends
Rithvik Dhanjani And Asha Negi With Friends

This click is pretty much old and is shared by Asha Negi from her Pavitra Rishta days. The picture clearly shows that for the day, these actors really did shed off their dieting plans and decided to add some extra calories while having some fun snacks along with friends.

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