~Retro Reel With The Eternal Love Birds Prem Heer~

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Indian Television
Prem and Heer

Balaji Telefilms is indeed very much popular for giving its audiences some striking, hit pairs on the small screen. There was a time when the pairs that the production house created turned into gold and immense fan following was received by the on-screen couples. One such pair which was Balaji Telefilm’s baby was Prem and Heer’s pair. Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil was produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor, aired on Star Plus from March 3, 2008 to February 5, 2010. The lead protagonists of the show were Harshad Chopra and Aditi Gupta portraying the characters of Prem Juneja and Heer Maan respectively. The story was like a breath of fresh air and Preem Heer’s pair sweeped the viewers of their feet and one could not help but fall in love with Prem and Heer. Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil showcased Prem Heer’s undying, unconditional, irrevocable love for each other. There were many tragedies and misunderstandings created between Prem and Heer but they say true love always finds the heart that beats for him or her. The same happened with Prem Heer’s love story, though their were people who did not want them together, who created misconceptions in their relationship too but Prem and Heer always found their way back to each other and a way back in each other’s lives. It was as though Prem and Heer’s lives were inter-linked and connected with the bond of love.

Prem, Heer’s love story witnessed many ups and downs. Whether it was Prem going to tie the knot with another or whether it was Prem being shown dead in the show. Whether it was someone from Prem’s family who did not want them together or if it was a leap and separation just like any other Balaji camp show. But Prem Heer’s love always won triumphing over all the evil eye and evils said and done. The fan-following for this particular pair was very strong back then and even today Harshad and Aditi’s fans want these two actors to be paired together as the leads in a show. Prem Heer were called as ‘PreMeer’ by their admirers. This pair generated the feel and aura of romance on-screen and the audiences lived, smiled, laughed, cried along with Prem and Heer.

Kis Desh Mein Hai Mera Dil saw a big twist when Prem Juneja’s character was killed in the show. It was always a known fact that the character of Prem Juneja played by Harshad Chopra would be killed and Heer (Aditi Gupta) would end up marrying her brother-in-law Preet (Sushant Singh Rajput). At that time it was rather expected by the audience that Prem’s character will not be killed as his character and ‘Premeer’s’ pair was extremely loved and popular on the small screen. However, the character of Prem Juneja was killed. Fans protested, petitions were drawn, demands were made and finally Harshad was brought back in the show in full style. Once again making the love story of Prem and Heer come alive. Prem Heer’s love story was one of a kind. The love story of a responsible guy and a sensible girl. Their story went through umpteen number of phases, but at the end of every phase it was Prem Heer’s relationship which withstood the storm and continued to stand together against everything and anything. The story of Kis Desh Mein hai Mera Dil ended with Prem and Heer being together along with their daughter Chahat(Muskaan Uppal). Prem Heer’s bond and love surely made a hard hitting impact and is unforgettable.

Prem and Heer’s love story had and has the capability to take one on a dream ride of love. Their love story is still adored and cherished among one of the most remembered on-screen love stories on-screen. They are truly eternal and one cannot forget them. There is a famous phrase which goes like this ‘Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind’, but in the case of Prem and Heer, their love story and aura of romance they added on-screen is still remembered.

Actors Harshad Chopra and Aditi Gupta portrayed the characters with such perfection that the audiences were left in a daze and one could not help but fall in love with Prem, Heer and their love story..

The fans of the on-screen couple hope that Harshad and Aditi are paired again in another show. We are not sure if this will happen.But we wish the fans good luck and also we would like to convey our good wishes to the actors future endeavors!!!!

Stay Tuned To Fuze For More Updates!!!!

Author: Surya Ravi
Editor: Saheli Goswami

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  1. It Has Been 3 Years After The Show Ended.But We Fans Still Want To See Harshiti Together .Pls Convey This Msg To All The Leading PH. 

  2. love harshiti and wanted them back onscreen togther as soon as possible

    plz shre to producer or dirctr tht we wntd harshiti to come tgther in a new show


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