10 Hilarious Memes From Game of Thrones Episodes

Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones

Most people had been looking forward to the recent episode of Game of Thrones and the biggest battle of all times where the Night king will be fighting the living.

The stakes were high and anticipation maxed out! People were looking for interesting twists and pondering on which characters they might have to say goodbye too.

Well the fight is now done and dusted and while one does get to see a lot of chatter around how things went and what they liked about Sunday’s episodes of Game of Thrones [no spoilers here!] , there is also a constant chatter on how dark the episode was.

While some users shared that they had to constantly update the brightness of their TV while others said that they were constantly squinting.

Some even said that they know Game of Thrones is a fantasy drama and the makers should have kept that in mind and made sure that the scenes were well lit rather than focus on β€œrealism”.

But what is done is done! What we can share with you are hilarious meme that are floating on the internet talking about how dark this night was.

Some spoilers ahead as well. So if you have not watched the episode of Game of thrones return later else proceed to have a good laugh.

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