10 Reasons Why Nakuul Mehta Is Your Most Admirable Fascination!

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

Nakuul Mehta, the man ruling the hearts of millions right now, the man whose charm, wit and pretty well known ‘kanji ankhein’ has caused an uproar in the telly world, is one of the main reasons why Shivaay Singh Oberoi of Ishqbaaz is a household name right now.

Not one but there are many shades of Mr. Mehta that make him a perfect man with all the requisites that a woman might dream of her man to possess.

Although we couldn’t have a good long conversation with the main woman on what makes him the most exemplary one out there, we are here with all the possible causes we could find –

Nakuul Mehta
Nakuul Mehta

1. The Witty Wonder –

Without a second thought, one of the wittiest and one with a superb sense of humor, is none other than this man himself.

His witty tweets can make you crack up in an instant.

For the recent proofs, who can forget dear brother’s lovable tweet sending all the good wishes to his sister ‘Anushka’ on her wedding?!

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