10 Reasons Why Shaheer Sheikh Is Your Perfect Crush!

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

Actor Shaheer Sheikh is without an ounce of doubt one of the most talented actors. He is an actor with good looks and acting ability in abundance.

Each time he comes on the television screens he makes women of all ages swoon and go gaga over him with age no bar.

Currently portraying the character of Salim in Colors Dastaan-e-Mohabbat Salim Anarkali, the actor is a complete charmer.

No wonder this guy is every other female gender’s crush. Here are 10 reasons why Shaheer Sheikh is your perfect crush.

So without further ado, here we go –

Shaheer Sheikh
Shaheer Sheikh

1. The Charming Smile

An attribute one immediately notices in the opposite gender is the smile adorning his or her face. And if we talk about the smile of the man thy the name Shaheer Sheikh, it is a smile that simply blows your mind away.

Whenever this man smiles it makes women’s heart skip a beat or two.

His smile is contagious and brightens up the day of his admirers to. For a man with a gorgeous smile, it’s fat chance women wouldn’t crush over him!

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  1. Hey Surya..
    All reasons you gave were perfect but there are many more also. I guess he’s a person who’s down to earth. I read somewhere that he was ready to go back to his hometown and become a farmer if he didn’t do good as a lawyer. He speaks his mind, no filters and that attracts also. He doesn’t comment on any rumour. He’s cool in that way.
    He has manly voice and his dailouge delivery is so good.. He pronounces every word perfectly, maybe because he’s good at urdu..
    There are many such things why every female has got attracted to him. I don’t have any crush on him, but I think an actor actually should be like him. I wish he gets a break on big screen someday..

    Thank you for your Writeups.. Will miss you all so much.!!


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