10 Reasons Why Zain Imam Is Your Perfect Crush!

Zain Imam
Zain Imam

Emerging as the new heartthrob of the nation, this Star Plus’ star from their galaxy is spreading a wave of new crisp and charm in the industry.

With his absolutely 10/10 personality reeking perfection in every sense, here’s why he is currently every girl’s dream man and a national crush at present –

Zain Imam
Zain Imam

1. His On Screen Swag –

If only right now there was a title to be given for the perfect swagger on screen, it would belong to Zain Imam for sure.

The actor now as Neil Khanna has amazing screen presence. But with his earlier stints on television too the actor has spread his charm.

The moment he graces the screen, it is spell binding for his followers. The swag he presents on screen is unmissable.


His on screen swag coupled with the right amount of attitude gives a high to viewers making them go gaga over him each time he does everyone’s swagat with a swag!

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  1. Vaishaliiiiiiiiiiii…. a biggggggggg Jhappppi to uh.💖😭
    i agreee wit evry bit writtten. infct i can write a book on him & his impeccable style.😜

    & yes, he’s r trusted spoiler.. t best a fan can havv.💖


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