10 Reasons Why Zain Imam Is Your Perfect Crush!

Zain Imam On The Sets Of Naamkarann

7. His Love For His Niece And His Bond With Kids –

His bond with kids has always been admired beyond limits and needless to say, the way he gels with the tiny tots so well makes him even more liable for a crush.

The love for kids seems to be coming with the heart-warming relation he shares with his niece. A jovial, caring and one of the hottest ‘chachu’ we have in telly town, isn’t it?

Zain Imam With His Family
Zain Imam With His Family

The bond Zain Imam shares with his niece is adorable and not just with his niece but the bond the actor shares with kids is really lovely. Interacting with children be it on or off the screen, the actor is really sweet.

He is natural with children and it shows in the way he interacts with them, currently in his daily soap Naamkarann, both on the screen and on the sets.

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  1. Vaishaliiiiiiiiiiii…. a biggggggggg Jhappppi to uh.💖😭
    i agreee wit evry bit writtten. infct i can write a book on him & his impeccable style.😜

    & yes, he’s r trusted spoiler.. t best a fan can havv.💖


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