10 Symptoms That Prove Aditya And Zoya’s Relationship Is Blooming In Bepannaah!


Aditya Hooda and Zoya Siddiqui have been ruling our hearts with their charm, loyalty, faith, humour, vulnerability and naivete. Their slowly blossoming romance is one thing that has been ruling our hearte.

Here’s the Top 10 symptoms that prove the blossoming ‘loveria’ relationship that’s developing between the dynamic duo.


1. Heart to Heart Conversations:
While AdiYa’s arrest and jail time has been quite torturous for them and the audiences to witness, the jail has also been a fertile ground where their bonding to each other has been the most evident.

Their face to face and heart to heart chats about each others’ pain and their inherent support of each other has been quite heartwarming and shows us the depth of the love that has begun to spring between the two.


2. Run from the police:
Zoya would likely have not run from the cops and Adi would likely not have suggested it if they didn’t have an inherent faith and trust in each other, if this isn’t the glimmer of hope of their blossoming love, then what is?


3. Midnight chat:
During the jungle run, they shared aspects of their personalities, which showed how similar they were to each other and who can blame them if that was one of the catalysts for their budding love.


4. Adi’s sacrifice for Zoya:
Adi recently confessed that he is willing to sacrifice his life for Zoya by taking all the blame of the alleged murders on himself, if that isn’t an act of love then what is?


5. Zoya’s faith in Adi:
Zoya too has an inherent faith in Adi that makes her trust his words and his father, makes her stand beside him during the decision to run, despite not needing to run, and we suspect this was all kudos to her heart falling in love with Adi.


6. AdiYa’s mutual concern:
Adi was concerned about Zoya being in jail and suffering all the pain during their run, since she would have been safer if she was at home, similarly Zoya too was more concerned with Adi’s injuries, both displaying a care that’s above their own suffering.


7. AdiYa’s protectiveness:
Right after the wedding during the journalist fiasco both were protective towards each other. Zoya physically tried to shield Adi away from the journalistic accusations so that he wouldn’t lose his calm. While Adi saw the effect of the wedding on her relationship with Mahi and Mrs. Arora, which led to his protectiveness towards her pain and hence the decision to take her home. Both their protectiveness revealed the level of care they had for each other.


8. Feeling each others’ pain:
The two were more concerned with each others’ beatings and torture in the jail than over their own plight, and if this isn’t love then what is?


9. Understanding each other:
Ever since the beginning both of them have understood the inner dilemmas, and motivations of each other without those ever being openly expressed by the other.

And if that isn’t the proof of an inherent interconnected love of theirs then what is.

Harshad Chopra And Jennifer Winget In Bepannaah

10. Saving each other:
They both realise how they have played major roles in saving each other from their fallacies and mistakes, and only destined loves can be such life altering catalysts for each other.

These was our take on the blooming AdiYa romance, what’s your take let us know?

Are they already in love or still at the threshold of love?

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