15 Times Shaheer Sheikh Went Philosophical On Twitter!

Shaheer Sheikh As Dev Dixit
Shaheer Sheikh As Dev Dixit
Shaheer Sheikh As Dev Dixit
Shaheer Sheikh As Dev Dixit In Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

Who doesn’t want to get motivated by reading some inspirational thoughts? Everybody needs motivation at some point of his or her life. Cinema and Television has played a great role in inspiring many lives. Not just ordinary people but actors need motivation too. Actors work hard to bring their characters to life. They have to be in constant touch with their philosophical side to keep themselves going in hectic shooting schedule.

These days, actors are actively using social media to share their philosophical thoughts. Any thought or wordings of an actor can act as a source of motivation for their fans. The effect of a positive thought gets doubled, when it is coming from your favorite person.

Shaheer Sheikh is one among many actors, who loves to tweet his thoughts and share them with fans on twitter. In one of his interviews, he told about his motivation in life that is “to educate/inspire people to become better citizen, better person, better son and better father”. There have been 15 times when Shaheer Sheikh showed his philosophical side on twitter. It can be seen from the number of re-tweets and likes that fans love to wait for philosophical Shaheer to tweet.


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