3 Fashion Trends That Aditi Rathore Made Regular On TV!


Aditi Rathore, as Avni has always been giving us major fashion goals in the show Naamkarann. She wears clothes that are neither too flashy, nor too plain.

Whatever she wears, she gives it the ‘Avni’ hallmark. In a way, her clothes give insight to her emotions and feelings.

Aditi Rathore has created waves in the trendy fashion category. Stores and shops now boast her styles in plenty.

And it is not that her styles are uncommon or that they have not been touched upon earlier, for they might have been used in other shows, but one just cannot deny that there are certain styles which have been explored and exploited onscreen the most by Aditi. What are these styles? Read on to know.

Aditi Rathore
Aditi Rathore

Off Shoulder Blouses With Simple Sarees

After her marriage, Avni had that look which exuded confidence. She didn’t appear meek or shy.

Rather her elaborate eye makeup and unique sarees gave her the perfect look that Avni would have after her marriage.

She used to wear detailed blouses – most of them being off-shouldered and full sleeved, a combination which was new and very pleasing.

Aditi Rathore
Aditi Rathore

She would drape her saree in the most common way yet look striking. Her blouses sometimes had ruffles too, the example taking into consideration being the red one which she had once worn in the jail.

Aditi Rathore In Naamkarann
Aditi Rathore In Naamkarann

She once also wore a pink saree over an embellished white blouse, which was very pretty. She also wore cold shouldered at times, with her blouses featuring shoulder cuts. Apart from off-shouldered, she has also worn netted cum collared blouses.

Aditi Rathore
Aditi Rathore

A collar at the neckline, then a bit netted or semi sheered, Aditi has been attired in some of the most beautiful sarees that a woman would love to wear.

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  1. FYI NK styles r completely copied from IB. None of it is of it’s own. Besides, all of them have been poorly copied, none looked good!

    • You must have some eyesight issues. I don’t watch IB but the amount of makeup they put on makes it look so fake and I would never wear the clothes they wear in my life as it is unrealistic to wear it everyday

      • Agree!!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ And moreover it is mentioned that the styles may not be new or something but the fact is that consistently these have in explored in Naamkarann only! And moreover her netted collared blouse was πŸ‘

    • Don’t be so rude
      She might be better than u
      And I love her
      I love adizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😍😍😘😘
      And I miss you nk😭😭

  2. 😍😍😍😍😍she gave me major fashion goals. I loved every outfit she adorned.. the confidence with which she pulled them off.! Aditi is lovee


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