3 Reasons Why The Infuriating Avatar Of Aditi Rathore’s Avni From Naamkarann Excites You The Most!

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Naamkarann has been surprising its viewers lately. With Vidyut on board, time and again it’s a test of Avni and Neil to put themselves together and fight back with all might.

Especially it is the fight of Avni. She had to go through a lot and had to bear unbearable losses in her life. Viewers will agree with us that she almost changes to someone else while interacting with Vidyut.

And not that it bothers us. Infact the infuriating avatar of Avni is a treat to watch! Here’s why this avatar of Avni excites us the most –


It’s Scary And Alarming!

No doubt Avni’s infuriating avatar is scary and quite alarming. One second she is the sweetest person on this earth while dealing with her family, and the next moment she is all enraged while talking to Vidyut or her enemies.

You get scared by her. You wonder what’s this girl gonna do next. What’s her plan?

Avni’s infuriating avatar though scary and alarming, keeps you at the edge of the seat always.

You can never tell what she may do next. The inner rage of Avni, though scary, no doubt is a treat to watch.

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  1. For a person as cute and innocent looking as Aditi it came as a surprise to me when I first saw her post leap taking a role which was abt revenge and standing strong against the worst enemies. But bravo that girl nailed it. Not just once but everytime.
    That’s where naamkarann got edge. The beautiful loving girl who craved within for a normal happy life, so caring to her loved ones yet so alarming to her opponents. And the calming effect on her being Neil. Such beautifully written and brilliantly casted duo.

    Pleasure to watch them always.

    Thank you FuzeProductions and sangita ji for this article.


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