3 Times When Jennifer Winget As Maya Gave Us Goosebumps In Beyhadh!

Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh
Jennifer Winget In Beyhadh

The last but not the least where Arjun accidentally drops the medicine which Maya gives to him and the moment he leaves her cabin, Maya grabs the medicine and writes “A” as first letter of Arjun and takes the medicine. Well the scene was something you have never ever seen before and no doubt it will give you goosebumps as to what level Maya can go to seize her right on Arjun. I must applause the creatives for always bringing something unique in terms of concept and visually it’s a treat to our eyes.

I am looking forward to experience Maya’s beyhadh pyaar and pagalpan for Arjun and looks like the show is all set to become a sure shot winner in coming days.


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