5 Daily Soaps That Deserve More TRPs Or Viewership Than They Garner

Daily Soaps

Since the advent of Saas-Bahu serials many Indian daily soap viewers were frustrated at the absence of shows with good, interesting or intriguing plots.

There are 5 current Hindi serials that have broken the mould of regular Saas-Bahu or typical romance genres.

We feel the unique concepts shown in these 5 serials make them a worthy watch. Here’s why despite the poor TRPs, these shows deserve more viewership.


1) Bepannaah –

This is one mystery thriller romantic comedy series that deserves a TRP above 2. The show has an interesting mystery plot, where we keep wondering at the back story of the dead spouses of the lead characters Adi and Zoya.

Apart from the central mystery that has unfolded beautifully like the pages of an intriguing thriller by Agatha Christie, we also have great characters dynamics and character progression.

None of the characters are entirely black and white and all have their own individual flaws. The best thing about the show are the dialogues of Adi and Zoya and in their face-offs we never once feel that one is right and the other is wrong.

Most times the writers have given deep thought into each character, such that the dialogues feel real, relatable and unbiased.

We also have great chemistry between the lead pair Adiya and the second lead pair Arnoor which will charm the hearts of romance lovers.

The current TRP of the show is at 1.3, and we think one of the main culprits is the show’s competitive timing at 9:30 PM where it faces staunch competition from Zee TV and Star Plus shows, both of which have been for years in the Top 10, if not Top 5 of the TRP charts.

When the show aired at 9:00 PM it had more Top 10 TRP entries. Also after its 9:00 PM competitor ended, Colors made an erroneous move of changing its time slot to 9:30PM.

We think if the channel had stuck to the 9:00 PM slot, the show would have had a better chance at the Top 10 TRP. Just a two weeks before Naamkaran ended, the TRP of Bepannaah was in the Top 10, on Week 18 of 2018, since audiences had already started tuning into Bepannaah from Naamkaran.

And in the last two weeks of Naamkaran’s airing, the show had better TRP than Bepannaah, because audiences tuned in for the end. But the current replacement of Naamkaran doesn’t have good TRPs and Bepannaah could have ruled at that spot more easily since it had better chances of poaching some Naamkaran audiences looking for a similar genre show.

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  1. Hello Nivedita.

    I hope you’re hale and hearty.

    The TRP’s for YPNTKH have been shocking this week. 0.2 is very very poor. I feel sad to say this Nivedita but neither YPNTKH nor YUDKBH are going to get a TRP greater than 2. Its virtually impossible.

    YPNTKH is even struggling online. Traditionally, Sony shows struggle with TRP’s but they are immensely popular online.The online popularity and online viewership of Sony shows is massive.But for YPNTKH, even the online viewership isn’t great.I don’t know what the reason is but I’m tensed.

    I’m hoping that we get to see atleast some improvement next week coz 0.2 is pathetic.

    • Yeah Poonam, I am so heart broken to see such low TRP for YPNTKH. Why online is low, I am wondering too?

      But seriously Sony needs to work on a good strategy to get more viewers in. I feel the 8:30 PM or 9:00 PM slot would work best for this show. Pitting this at 9:30 PM against 3 TRP toppers was just suicidal for this show. I have been trying to watch both this and BP in parallel currently, but it’s so hard to do the stories justice. This show is too good to go off air. I hope someone at Sony will wise up.


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