5 Dialogues From Mahesh Bhatt’s Films That Fit The Bill Of Naamkarann And AvNeil!


The original concept of the show Naamkarann was given by the renowned filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. The story was earlier also said to be inspired by his 1998 movie Zakhm which is based on his life.

And in no time, the show Naamkarann was a hit. The painful story of a young girl of 10, struggling to find her identity in this world due to her illegitimacy clicked with the audience.

Later, the show went on to show the life of Avni and her confused emotions about Neil Khanna, the cop who was assigned the Case123, the culprit of which was none other than Avni, in disguise of Ananya Verma.

Naamkarann has come a long way since then. But then there are themes which remind us of some movies of Mahesh Bhatt.

To be exact, certain dialogues of his movies would not look strange if spoken in reference with the Naamkarann’s characters. Here we present you 5 dialogues from Mahesh Bhatt’s films that fit the bill of Naamkarann –


“Apno se jhoot bolna, apne aap ko bilkul akela kar dena hai” – Naajayaz

To lie to your own family, your near and dear ones, is to make yourself more alone. This applies to Neil.

To protect Avni, he sent her to jail. He made everyone in his family and Avni think that he believes Avni is the one who has killed Juhi.

This made everyone fill their hearts with hatred for Neil. He lied to everyone and now they are disgruntled. His family had hopes that he, being a police officer would do his best and would never let Avni behind the bars.

After he jailed Avni, they were disappointed with him. Avni also started disliking him. In the end Neil was left all alone to deal with Vidyut and his own sorrows. To lie is to distance yourself from your family indeed.

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  1. No. 4 is perfect for Avni though she does have the birth certificate!!!

    Nothing about Naamkarann resembles the original concept now!!!!

    It is a regular family drama with a heroine who wants to become the perfect bahu!!!!


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