5 Facts About Shimla That You Get To Know From Kkavyanjali


When one mentions the K serials, it is hard not to mention Kkavyanali and that to fondly. The show went on air on 25th Jan 2005 and even 13 years later people not just remember the show, the title track and the pairing of Eijaz Khan and Anita Hassanandani but also rave about the magic that they created on screen as Kkavya and Anjali.

Back in those days, giving couple names to the lead pair was not the IT thing like it is now. So yeah, we hardly heard terms like ShivIka, AvNeil, DevAkshi etc, hence we feel for Indian TV serials the trend was pretty much started by Kkavyanjali.

Not only was Kkavyanjali a trend starter but it also had an interesting storyline to go with. It was a story of love in which the lovers despite being soulmates are unable to meet and this theme was well epitomised by its title track woh mile the.. and the crux was pretty much woh mile the bichadne ke liye.

Recently Nivedita Basu, who was then a part of Balaji telefilms and had worked on this serial had posted on her Twitter and Instagram some pictures with Vikas Gupta on the title track of the serial and expressed how special the show was to them.

Seeing that post, brought back some pleasant memories in our mind also, so we thought on the 13th airing anniversary of the show, we should do a small write up on things about Shimla that we got to know only via this serial.

During the course of the story, the main plot keeps pivoting to Shimla and there is a lot of reference to the hill station. Here is a small fun take on what we got to learn about this hill station via Kkavyanjali.

Please take everything written hence forth with a pinch of salt and whole lot of sugar. Here goes


Dear Lord! It’s snowing

While one would like to think of snow as a seasonal affair but from Kkavyanjali it is evident that it’s always snowing in Shimla no matter what month of the year.

The plus point, we get to see some great romantic scenes of Kkavya and Anjali in these snow clad mountains. For instance, when the duo meet for the very first time the white environment did add oodles of oomph!

Watch Out!

Landslides are as common as snow fall. So be prepared to be stuck on that account and yes beautiful surprises while you are at it


Keep Your Guards On

There are no fences and people keep slipping off regularly. So watch your step when you are in Shimla next or maybe not.. as there will be a beautiful someone extending their hand to pull you up like it happens in Kkavvyanjali.

Another fact to note, that these scenes in Kkavyanjali have been done with so much perfection that despite all the snowfall, you can end up melting just watching their chemistry. Uff!

Winter Meets Autumn

Along with snowfall, one can also experience autumn at all times in Shimla. How you may wonder? Well there are maple leaves in abundance wherever you go.

As a matter of fact, talking about Kkavyanjali and not talking about the maple leaves will be a crime. Another thing to note is that these maples leaves are special as they never fade off and remain vibrant or years together and even the text written on it does not fade out.

Wish we could have one of these pretty please.

Who needs a mall road?

Before watching Kkavyanjali, there was only one road that we knew in Shimla and that was Mall road. Pretty much the trip to Shimla can be summed up in that road but only after watching the serial we got to know about Rizvi road and its spookiness.

So adventure junkies should mark this as their next destination and make sure your Google map gets you there.

Phew! All said and done, we still maintain that Kkavyanjali is a beautiful love story. These are just fun facts that we had encountered while watching the serial and thought of sharing it with you.

But we do miss the chemistry, the intensity and the story telling that Kkavyanjali offered. The plot delivered big twist right at the beginning of the show and kind of keeps you glued all through the run time and all actors did a great job with their performances.

We still miss seeing this sitcom, wish Hotstar does get around to making it available to audience real soon so one can do a refresher course on this in HD and also who did not get a chance to watch this can do so.


  1. Absolutely true bhtt zbrdst serial hy shimla snow everything is perfect har stints barf py amazing scenes i wish mein is serial ko dbra dkh skti but i hope so k yeh serial youtube py a jye zbrdst city shimla i love snowfall


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