5 Latest Indian Web Series That Are A Must Watch For You

5 Latest Web Series

Gone those days of boring past and black and white TV’s. These 5 web series will make your weekend a special and an entertaining one.

Actually the pattern of watching movies, serials or any other web series and shows has significantly changed after digitization had stroked the market. Movie halls don’t look that sumptuous anymore. Spending an extra rupee on popcorn isn’t appealing anymore. These days every common man have a smartphone and operating became so uncomplicated.

Now the entertainment apps like MX Player, Hotstar, Aree, AltBalaji, Viu etc. have captured the market in full rush, providing everything with just a click away.

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Movies these days sound so mundane and monotonous. The concepts looks more of like the old stories. But what’s in the box for you? They are 5 interesting web series that will make your week/weekend extremely stupendous.

Hey Prabhu:

MX Player’s Hey Prabhu

This is one of the distinctive web series of MX Player originals and one of its first originals. Starring with Rajat Barmecha as Tarun Prabhu who is a social media influencer and so called apparently a twitter celebrity in the show but in actual world he runs away from real problems and hassles of his life.

He somehow ends up in a magazine company named “Croissant” and editor of that magazine is Achint Kaur as Mita who gets frustrated because of reckless mistakes Tarun Prabhu does at his work.

It was more of a hilarious and a real life stories of current generation young teenagers. Parul Gulati as Arunima, who is a senior correspondent partnering with Tarun Prabhu and helps him and resolves all his mistakes.

The series also shows some segments related to sexual acts but it entices giving a message to use protection before you do sex with any stranger (Durex partnering). A must watch web series and a good message oriented series to youngsters.

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