5 Reasons Why Annika Is Attractive To A Non-Viewer Of Ishqbaaz Also!

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Ishqbaaaz is a very well known show. It has a huge fan following and the number keeps on increasing, all thanks to the chemistry and acting of the leads. But there are many people who don’t watch Ishqbaaaz as well. To them it’s just another show, but the show also looks different at the same time.

I have to admit here that I personally don’t watch the show. Just some random scenes were all I watched to help myself. But of all I watched, there was something which pulled me towards the show.

It was Annika. Yes, Annika was the one who made me watch her scenes again and again. So before you start cribbing as to why a non-viewer is writing about the show, I present you 5 reasons why Annika is attractive to a non-viewer of Ishqbaaaz also –


Brimmed With Self Confidence And The Right Attitude Towards Life

Her self confidence was the first thing that attracted me to her. She speaks whatever she thinks is right and Annika and Shivaay’s nok-jhoks were a treat to watch in the initial days.

Annika doesn’t get intimidated by Shivaay, the great SSO. She has her own style, her own flair, which cannot be copied.

She respects herself and so the fans respect her. She has a mix of both modernness and originality which makes her interesting and adorable.

Whatever the situation maybe, she has that kind of attitude which will take her anywhere. She had kind of that ‘bindaas’ and cool aura which caught my eyes.

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  1. Totally agree with each and every word written. Annika is the best written character in TV industry.. I used to hate watching daily soaps and one fortunate day happened to watch one of the episode at someone else house ..that’s it I am now IB addict and primarily due to Annika.Shez the stunner

  2. Totally and completely agree. Annika is one of the best written characters I have ever seen on an indian serial and Surbhi portrays her beautifully.


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