5 Reasons Why Bepannaah On Colors Can Be A Game Changer Show!

Jennifer Winget In Bepannaah
Jennifer Winget In Bepannaah

In the myriad of ongoing shows on various channels where some live long to witness the light of fame and popularity, some despite of great content are axed without much into their kitty.

Amidst the new shows that are eagerly waited for, Colors’ new venture, Bepannaah starring the bunch of talented actors Harshad Chopda, Sehban Azim and the perfectionist Jennifer Winget is soon going to be on board and here’s why this can totally up the game even more –

Jennifer Winget In Bepannaah
Jennifer Winget In Bepannaah

1. Winget’s Magical Wand –

There’s no wonder why Maya’s role in Beyhadh set a benchmark in the industry on a whole as none other than Jennifer Winget weaved her magic into it.

After the crazy tangent that her role was inclined to and the whole lot of appreciation that made its way for the actress after Maya’s portrayal has naturally incited the curiosity amidst the viewers as to what next would be on this diva’s list.

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Her role is yet to be revealed and the mysterious aura and anticipation surrounding the same can lure a good amount of viewers to the show.

After Maya what’s the next thing for Jennifer Winget? – That’s something lurking in everyone’s mind. And for once, we feel majority of the viewers will once at least watch this show just to get a glimpse of the next character played by Jennifer.

As per reports, she plays the character of Zoya, a happy and content Muslim girl who lives a good life with her husband until an incident totally changes her life.

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