5 Reasons Why Salman Khan’s Jai Ho Didn’t Click!

Jai Ho
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Jai Ho

It seems that ‘Jai Ho’ failed to create any wave at the box office as it was expected to. Even the funda of trending about the movie on Twitter months before its release didn’t work out. Reasons might be many behind its failure but it’s gross mistake is that, it’s ONLY a Salman Khan movie, with a logicless script that can be watched with patience by only a loyal Salman Khan fan who has sent his brains to vacations. Here are the top 5 reasons depicting why the movie didn’t click with the masses.


1) Missing Brain And Logic : Earlier you only needed to leave behind your brain while going to watch probably a David Dhawan movie. But Salman Khan brings you a new age David Dhawan kind of product which is equally silly. Inspite of having a good message in its kit, ‘Jai Ho’ failed to click because it’s faulty from the very first stage of filmmaking, which we call as scripting. As empty vessels make more noise, ‘Jai Ho’ also made too much noise without any strong material inside its package.

2) Music Is Strictly Average : Sajid-Wajid failed to create the earlier impact as they did with Salman Khan’s previous releases of ‘Dabangg’, ‘Dabangg 2’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. The absence of any appealing tune or melody in the soundtrack made sure that the album doesn’t hit the chartbusters.

3) Absence of any novelty : It’s the same muscles to stare at and same abs to drool on. Nothing new and nothing unique. Since how many years are we seeing Salman going shirtless on screen? If you are an admirer of his shirtless body, then go for it! Salman makes sure that he rolled up his sleeves, opened his shirt and obviously numerous men flying in the air with his one solid punch is also there. It’s more like Bollywood’s Rajnikanth play!

4) Daisy Shah Not Impressive : Inspite of all the hype and buzz created around her, the lady seems to be a big disappointment. While critics have been a little harsh on her, the new heroine in B-town surely needs to work more to enrich her acting skills.

5) Director’s Flaw : It has become a religious belief in Bollywood that if you have Salman Khan as your leading man, a director just don’t need to lead his team. Sohail Khan too did the same here. As a director, he got too busy in the film to royally show the heroic features of Salman Khan and hence the rest of the important features that are required for good filmmaking got ignored.

Few excerpts from reviews of Jai Ho:

“It might have its heart in the right place, but the brain appears to be missing.” – Rajeev Masand

“In all honesty, I’m confused about how to evaluate Jai Ho. Because it’s not a film. It’s a cartoon. So to point out that the story is laughably ridiculous or that the characterization has no depth seems churlish. After all, you can’t go to see a cartoon and then complain about its disconnect with reality. So venture in if you enjoy the Salman Khan brand of thundering male fantasy” – Anupama Chopra

“That chain of favours gets lost somewhere along the way as director Sohail Khan gets diverted to what seems like the primary task of most of Salman’s directors these days: to show us how cute Salman is, how intimidating his fists are, how well-muscled his body is, how the sun rises from his eyes, how the earth revolves around that sun and how he is the centre of the film’s universe.” – Anna MM Vetticad

“Having said that, my one and only laugh in Jai Ho came when Khan punched a car window and — in a film where he throws people through all manner of doors and walls and vehicles — explained himself saying he didn’t know it had been rolled up. Does he really want to be in on the joke now? Or maybe he already is” – Raja Sen

“Jai Ho’ is Salman’s attempt at resurrecting another brother’s career. While Salman loyalists might applaud and hoot, and ensure their star remains unaffected at the movie box-office, it’s the other discerning movie-watchers who are left rather disappointed. ‘Jai Ho’ is just a glorious canvas that piggybanks heavily on Salman’s colossal popularity. Head out only if you are a Salman supporter, if not, this social campaign might appear unimaginatively tiring.” – Sneha May Francis



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