5 Reasons To Love BeHir Of Naagin 3!


Colors’ popular show Naagin 3 is keeping the viewers hooked to it episode after episode. Bela and Mahir’s story is taking all on an entertaining ride.

Fondly known as ‘BeHir’ the Naagin 3 jodi have made a place for themselves in the audiences’ heart.

As a special feature today we give you 5 reasons to love BeHir from Naagin 3.

Naagin 3

The Actors And BeHir Chemistry

Surbhi Jyoti and Pearl V Puri are putting their best foot forward and winning hearts. Each time the actors grace the TV screens they tend to impress.

As Bela and Mahir the two actors are doing a commendable job. They are very convincing in the way they essay the characters.

The chemistry the two actors bring onscreen draws everyone towards Naagin 3 and BeHir.

The BeHir chemistry is lit and sends hearts racing and running to the finish line!

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  1. Totally agree!!!

    Nothing like chupke chupke romance!!!

    Also unlike other heroes Mahir does not abuse Bela or force her for anything!!!!


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