5 Reasons Why The Current Romantic Phase Of Bepannaah Stands Out!


Colors TV’s Bepannaah is doing wonders with its current track. No doubt, people are themselves love struck while watching this romantic phase in the story that is paving way for Aditya to confess and Zoya to realize the love they feel for each other.

This phase is probably the best one in the show and the reasons, as per us are cited below –


Aditya’s Caring Side

Did you notice the way he looks at Zoya these days? Obviously you did if you are an ardent Bepannaah fan.

Those love filled eyes and cocooned expression that he gives the moment when Zoya is happy, sad or in her chattering best, makes Adi all the more adorable.

There’s something adoring in the simple yet special way he looks at her, talks to her and makes promises to her these days – It not only just give you vibes about his love for her but also it gives you the vibe about how much she is precious to him.

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