5 Reasons Why Zain Imam Has Been The Perfect Actor To Play Neil Khanna! – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL


Neil Khanna is a magnificent character. A character that we are not going to part with anytime soon. He was different. He was subtle. We might have understood his actions, might have not, but one thing is for sure – that we could feel his emotions behind them.

If Neil Khanna is a character which stands out, credits go to the person who has been playing him beautifully from the start till the end.

It is Zain Imam who seemed to breathe life into this beautifully written character. The nuances, expressions, unsaid emotions – all were translated very aptly and he made us travel Neil’s side journey with his decisions, love, life.

So today, as a special feature, here we try to analyse the reasons why Zain Imam was the best choice to play Neil Khanna. Scroll down and don’t forget to put your comments below.


Adapting Neil’s Body Language

Neil has a different kind of body language. The body language of a person depends on the thoughts they are thinking, the views they have.

A thief will have a different body language than a common man, even when he is aloof. He will always remain cautious. Similarly a cop also has a distinct body language. His mind and body should be alert and ready to handle any situation.

Neil Khanna was a police officer in true sense. His body language, thinking – everything would tell us that yes he is Neil Khanna, the police officer.

He had that attitude of a supercop. Be it at the police station or at home, just one clue and his mind would start racing in different directions and possibilities.

Even after he left his job, he had those instincts of a cop. His mind would always think in the way of a police officer.


For him, it’s “Once a cop, forever a cop.” Be it the instance of saving Avni from the media and law very wittily after she emerged out in the open after 10 years, or handing Kamini to the police by calling them, Neil just seems to know what to do at the right time.

Many actors can slip into characters and make them likeable, but there are a few who would take up the character’s profession as well, that too in their body language. Zain Imam gave us the perfect vibes of a cop and was able to show his way of thinking effectively.

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  1. I guess this unique characteristics of our show even gave us unique pain to deal with! We fought for our show but still couldn’t save it! indeed like Naamkarann it’s fanpower has been unique too


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