5 Shades Of Sameer Maheshwari That Randeep Rai Played Best! – BIRTHDAY SPECIAL

Randeep Rai

Sameer Maheshwari is a character that is not easy to describe. There has been a tremendous growth in the Sameer that we were introduced to in the first episode to the Sameer that we are currently watching.

As life bestowed him with different phases and challenges, sometimes pleasing sometimes painful, Sameer bore everything and just kept moving forward. From being a charismatic hero in the class to become only Naina’s boy, he has definitely come a long way.

Special mention to the actor Randeep Rai who plays the character of Sameer onscreen. He is well chosen for this role.

His looks, acting, mannerisms are in sync with the character from the 90’s era. Time and again he has been able to bring Sameer’s emotions to the front for the viewers.

Today as a special feature, we give you 5 shades of Sameer Maheshwari that Randeep played best!

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

The Charismatic Hero

He entered Pragati Vidya Ka Mandir and created an uproar there. As if a new wave had entered a simple Hindi medium school.

He was stylish, flamboyant and the rich guy. He came to the school on his bike whereas other kids came by foot or by bicycles.

He was the guy who had come from an English medium school. He was the ultimate hero. Girls liked him and he knew it. He was full of charisma and panache.

This was the Sameer for everyone. No one except few dared to look beyond what met the eye. No one except few wished to know what feelings lay inside him.

This phase was beautifully performed by Randeep. His way of flicking his hair made girls go weak in their knees.

Undoubtedly Randeep gave his best and this shade of Sameer Maheshwari was translated very well onscreen by him.

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