5 Things Every Girl Would Dream About While Watching Aditi Rathore As Avni In Naamkarann!

Aditi Rathore In Naamkarann

Avni Ayesha of Naamkarann was one lady to admire. For the world, she was a criminal. But for those who knew her well, she was a hero. She was an inspiration and viewers had a lot of admiration for her. The story of Naamkarann revolved around her.

The rejection she faced as a child to the struggles she had in her adulthood, her life, is now an open book to read and take cues from. She was someone who girls would dream about to be. Fierce, strong, independent – she was everything a modern girl would aspire to be.

Though the show Naamkarann went off-air quite a few months ago, Avni Ayesha will always remain in the hearts of the people who loved her. Girls would look up to her and appreciate her courageous nature.

Here we present 5 things a girl would dream about while watching Aditi Rathore as Avni in Naamkarann –


The Way She Carried Herself

The way Avni carried herself was inspiring. She didn’t care what the world says about her, rather she always focussed on what her aim was.

The way she carried herself was beautiful. She was always firm on her decisions and was able to retain her identity after her marriage.

She was still the same Avni we knew after she tied the knot with Neil. She didn’t let anyone steal her identity.

She was Avni and girls loved her for that. She didn’t think twice before standing up for what she believed was right. To a large extent, she remained unaffected by the world.

She believed in herself and her confidence was beautiful.

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  1. The way Avni carried herself . Right is right . Wrong is wrong . Avni always wanted to help others especially her loved one .


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