5 Times When You Really Fell In Love With Asad Ahmed Khan Of Qubool Hai

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Karan Singh Grover As Asad Ahmad Khan In Qubool Hai

Qubool Hai, that airs on Zee TV has seen its share of ups and downs as a whole. It is the story that is the hero of the show in most cases but also the characters play major role in making the show a hit. This show produced by 4 lions films, became famous since its very first day as it marked the long awaited comeback of Karan Singh Grover as the lead. Any story with strong characters and proper execution is bound to do well. Similarly the character of Asad Ahmed Khan, was beautifully portrayed by Karan. Here are 5 times when one really fell in love with the character.

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Karan Singh Grover As Asad Ahmad Khan In Qubool Hai

His Eyes And Emotions

He has the green caramel orbs that every person desires to have. And what’s more those orbs speak for him, Asad was not a very vocal person. He preferred to hide his feelings but his eyes betrayed his words and they would express exactly what he felt in the moment and that certainly stole hearts. The combination of his beautiful eyes and emotions was certainly lethal.

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