6 Home Remedies To Remove The Summer Tan!

Picture Is Used For Representational Purpose Only (Image Courtesy : onlymyhealth.com)
Picture Is Used For Representational Purpose Only (Image Courtesy : onlymyhealth.com)

Are you already hating the summers for its constantly soaring mercury? We don’t blame you either because it’s the time when the flames outside leave the mind and body tattered and dry, the oil glands as if begin to pour out their secretions on a double speed and to top the oily, dull and blemished skin, the susceptibility to harmful UV rays of sun worsen the matter for skin.

Dark patches, sunburn becomes a cause of great concern but we are here with a solution to your problem too!

Here are some great home remedies by beauty experts, to remove that summer tan without burning a hole in your pocket and which can save you from long and tiring parlour sessions too!

1. A pack of gram flour, curd, lemon and honey can be used. Let it stay put on your skin for 20 minutes and with mild pressure scrub it off. In case it’s quite dry, you can use milk to wash it off too.

2. Tomato contains oxalic acid and is a great toner and whitening agent. It also gives elasticity to the skin and tighten the pores along with tan removal.

3. Another one from the kitchen remedies is cucumber. It’s advisable to grate it and freeze in the ice cube tray. Wrapping the ice cubes in a thin cotton cloth and rubbing them on affected areas of sun exposure helps cool the skin a lot. It even proves to be a great coolant for rashes and sunburn.

4. Lemon acts a natural bleach and along with purity controls the oil secretion in skin. You can rub the squeezed out lemon on skin and wash it after leaving it on for 15-20 min.

5 . Next comes papaya which is great to use in case of freckles and dark spots. One can combine honey with papaya or if not available, rub the peel of papaya on face, leaving it on for a time span of 15-20 min.

6. Last but not the least, follow the fundamentals of CTM, cleaning, toning and moisturizing for skin. Use of suitable SPF according to your skin type, before you step out in the sun gives you a shield from many skin problems.

For oily skin gel based SPF and cream based one for dry skin works the best.

Hope the information seems to useful for all the young ladies our there. So show some sass to the sun and beat the heat with these skin care tips!

Information as shared by Delhi based makeup and beauty expert Shalini Batra.

You’re advised to visit a skin specialist or consult a physician in case you have sensitive skin or skin prone to damage .


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