6 Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Watching Naamkarann’s Current Track!


Star Plus’ Naamkarann has turned out to be very interesting after undergoing a leap of 6 months. With Avni wrongly punished and kept in jail, Neil’s attitude towards Vidyut is what keeps the viewers going.

This track has so much potential and gladly it is trying its best to achieve that. Readers will agree with us that the current track is one of the finest executed tracks of the show. With each episode Naamkarann is becoming more interesting.

Though the number of reasons are definitely many, here we have compiled 6 reasons why one should not miss watching Naamkarann’s current track –


A Jail Centric Track – Never Shown On TV Before!

The current track is essentially a jail centric track. The story of Avni and the various happenings of a jail is what forms the backdrop of the story. From AvNeil meetings to Avni’s escapades, they showed all in the jail.

The functioning and the daily happenings of a normal prison and how the rules were made stricter after Avni’s jailbreak – all were given the due importance.

The current track is a jail centric track which is never shown on television before. Without any household drama or kitchen politics, focusing only on AvNeil and their frequent trysts with Vidyut, this track demands a total thumbs up!

The way Avni is handling the dirty politics and tricks inside the jail and is tricking Pandit repeatedly, should keep the viewers engaged.

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  1. very well written..
    agreeed wit all the points.. it surely raises the bar of excitement.. but as for Mishti i dont think tats t case wit fans.. we want her track to b avoided. 😛 anyway,, hope the show continue givin us such fantasticallly woven Intriguing plots in near future tooo.. & T trp’s too..


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