A Farewell To Remember – Bepannaah Fans Trend #AdhuraAlvidaBepannaah As The Show Ends!


Some shows come and go and we remember them for years to come. Some other shows come with a bang but they leave silently. Some other shows come and go with equal loudness – They come with a party and they go with a party.

And then there are shows that receive farewell. Farewell that are emotional, grand and of course heart warming. Very few exceptional shows receive such farewell from audiences. And Bepannaah is one such show.

Today, the most loyal viewers of Bepannaah, who had been emotionally and mentally attached to the show for months, decided to bid it adieu with a farewell to remember.

After trying hard to keep the show on air and trend #DontEndBepanaah before #ExtendBepannaah, they gave all their energy in making the show reach the No. 1 trend spot on Twitter. Because today Bepannaah aka Aditya and Zoya’s story ends.

The new hashtag for the trend is #AdhuraAlvidaBepannaah. At the time of filing this article, the hashtag is still trending at No. 1 in India.


As soon as the last episode was over tonight, the only song that crossed our mind was, – “Abhi na jao chhod kar.. ke dil abhi bhara nahi..” but alas! *Sigh!*

Bepannaah has given us special eight months of beautiful AdiYa scenes, excitement for the another episode, sometimes tears as well, happy and sad, both and we are going to remember all of it for a long, long time.

We are wise enough to understand that it’s a show and it had to end someday but 30th November 2018 should not have been that day. Bepannaah had an engaging and intriguing storyline, it had two awesome leads and a superb ensemble but because of the channel’s stupidity, it suffered a downfall and it’s really hard for us to accept it as a loyal viewer of the show.

But the fact remains, Bepannaah is over and we are going to miss the show and our beloved AdiYa a lot.

Talking about AdiYa, brilliantly portrayed by Harshad Chopda and Jennifer Winget, a dream couple for so many of us became a reality only because of Bepannaah and we shall forever be grateful for the same to the show and it’s makers.

Bepannaah will always be special and a big thank you to Harshad, Jennifer and the entire team for giving us this show!

We would like to wish the whole team, all the very best for their future endeavours!

To the fans – Congratulations on the successful trend tonight and may your ‘Bepannaah’ love for each other as family keep growing and flourishing.

Last but not the least, Au Revoir Bepannaah and not goodbye because we are really hoping for a season two of this beautiful show from the bottom of our hearts!

Stay Tuned To Fuze For More Updates!

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  1. Bepannah was a beautiful show!!!!

    A rare gem in this sea of trash!!!

    Sad that it ended so abruptly!!!!

    Hope Colors channel goes down after this!!!


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