A Hat-Trick And Another Round Of Awards For Ishqbaaz!


This time of the year is probably the busiest for actors, their fans and the for media houses. Reason? Well, actors because apart from their hectic shooting schedules, they need to attend these award functions (Even if it is on a Sunday because that takes away the one good day they might have had an off in the week), fans because they forget their eating and sleeping and just keep voting and media houses, because they need to cover and some also give awards to the respective artists and shows.

Adding up to the already existing and established Best Beta, Best Bahu and other ‘relationship awards’ at the Star Parivaar , a new set of awards for the same has been awarded to Kunal Jaisingh And Shrenu Parikh from Ishqbaaz by ABP News. While Kunal took off the Best Beta award, Shrenu held the Best Bahu Award.

Also, in the same event the Best Jodi Award has been awarded to Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna from Ishqbaaz again.

Now speaking in the language that our ‘regular’ and ‘loyal’ readers demand of –


Handling a disastrous father like Tej and being loyal and loving to your mother is no easy. Probably that makes up the stairs that you need to climb up The Great Wall Of China…oops! We meant Great Wall Of SSO. So in 2017, The Best Beta in Star Parivaar is Shivaay, the wall and in ABP it’s Om, the stairs.


And the fans for sure are happy climbing the never ending stairs and are not tired for not able to reach forever untouchable peak of the ‘Great Wall’.

Congratulations because at the end, Ishqbaaz won the category in both the award shows. It seems the best sons of the year definitely are created by the makers of the show!


Coming to the next category of Best Bahu. Our favourite ‘chiraiya’ (Shrenu Parikh as Gauri), received the award. Needless to say, her ‘ek jhaap mein deewar pe sat jaibe’ mantra for all the enemies of her family have become the favourite line of her fans.

And for sure her ‘aadarsh’ (Principles) and ‘viswaas’ (faith) on Shankar Ji, makes her an ideal Indian bahu. Any doubt? Well then, for you her fans would say – ‘ek jhaap mein deewar pe sat jaibe’!

Now coming to the only hat-trick jodi of the year! He is tadibaaz, she is khidkitod. He believes in throwing, she believes in breaking.


He is her Bagad Billa and she is, as per him, his nakalchi bandariya. They are Ishqbaaz yet are big dramebaaz. They love secretly and fight openly and they fight secretly and love openly.

They both are mental and they often make you giggle like crazy revealing your issues that you may have with regards to dental. (Yeah yeah, we are more mental! We know that!)

Their confession of love would have made you jump in joy and their separation might have made you cry for your favourite toy.

They aren’t perfect yet you love them for their relentless imperfections – Yes, ladies and gentlemen, for the third time, holding a third award for the Best Jodi is your favourite Shivaay and Anika played by Nakuul Mehta and Surbhi Chandna!

We wish the entire team of Ishqbaaz many many congratulations for their wins at the award shows this year. The journey has been splendid through this 1 and half years and hope it continues to flourish more in the coming years too!

P.S: We hope this dramatic write up satisfies the appetite of the Ishqbaaz fans who specifically wanted the ‘Fuze’ touch in this article on twitter! Ermmm…..there are still a few awards left, will you guys again want us to write on the same in this dramatic way? *Just Wondering*.

But before bidding adieu, here are the updates of the stars on winning the titles (Nakuul Mehta, Surbhi Chandna and Shrenu Parikh) straight from their social media accounts that you wouldn’t like to miss!

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