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Sibling relationship is one of the main aspects shown in various Indian origin dramas. In almost all the daily soaps running every male lead has a sister figure whom he dotes upon and every female lead has a brother who will put his life in-line just to make sure his sister is safe and happy. Whether one has a brother or a sister, a sibling relation is very vital in the TV shows. The sibling relation is as vital as it is to any audience who is viewing the soap off-screen. Many a times the audience have seen grown-up siblings fighting and living for their sibling’s happiness but for the first time Star Plus launched ‘Veera’ in the month of October 2012 which depicted the relationship between two young children under the banner of Beyond Dreams Productions. The daily soap revolves around Ranvijay Sampooran Singh (Bhavesh Balchandani) and his step-sister Veera Kaur Sampooran Singh(Harshita Ojha).

The bond that Ranvijay and Veera share is pleasing to watch in this age. It is unique, sweet and heart-warming. As a viewer when one sees Ranvijay and Veera, the one term which revolves around every viewers’ mind is ‘Adorable’. One can’t help but fall in love and adore this brother-sister duo, who do everything for each other and whose lives are centric on each other.

The show being focused on the characters Ranvijay and Veera, both the child actors playing the roles ace in their respective bits and force the audiences to go in a ‘So Sweet..So Cute’ monologue while seeing the two of them. Veera is a story of a brother who is being a Mother for his younger sister and for Veera her ‘Veer’ (Brother in Punjabi) is the one whom she relies upon. The show is very refreshing and like a breath of fresh air, leaving aside the saas-bahu dominated sagas on the television screens.Their relation is such that if one is hurt, the other too undergoes the same amount of pain.

The current scenario in the show showcases a stage where Veera has developed Chicken Pox and Ranvijay’s mother and Veera’s step mother Ratan (Sneha Wagh) has asked Ranvijay to stay away from Veera as he may catch the virus while she (Ratan) is taking thorough care of Veera. Though this is what any mother would do but the audience could clearly see the restlessness for being away from Veera in Ranvijay, fondly called as Ranvi .In one way the chicken pox is helping Veera and Ratan bond at a closer level but it is also the cause of Ranvi and Moti Chahiji’s (Shagufta Ali) restlessness.It is very soothing to watch how though Ranvi is not allowed to come in close contact with Veera still he is finding ways to stay close to her. Ranvijay and Veera’s scenes are emotional and would leave any person with teary eye and remembrance of their childhood.

We hope that Veera gets well soon and the distance created between the sibling due to the disease vanishes in the thin air and the restlessness Ranvi and Veera are undergoing is put to a rest.But for now the audiences can sit back and enjoy Ranvi and Veera’s close knit bond, which indeed holds the essence of this master piece show.

The show is going to have a Maha-Episode on the account of Republic Day on the 26th of January 2013, where Republic Day celebrations will be shown and National Heroes will be remembered in Ranvijay and Veera’s school.So don’t forget to watch the Maha-Episode this Saturday at 7:00 PM IST also do remember our National Heroes along with Ranvijay and Veera.

The show is a must watch for anybody and everybody and once a audience watches the show take our word on it ‘You Can’t Stop Watching It’.

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Author: Surya Ravi

Editor: Saheli Goswami

Graphics & Banner: Sadia Ahmed

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