Aamir Khan: Dhoom 3’s Double Threat or Twin Treat


Yash Raj Films‘ Dhoom franchise loyalists across the globe are in for yet another shocking surprise. The USP (unique selling point) of Dhoom 3 is not just that Bollywood actor Aamir Khan is essaying the bad boy for the first time. Its more than that! The big scoop is that he has a double role in the film that releases this December, again something that he has never done before.

A highly placed source reveals that Aamir’s character turning bad has something to do with a sick twin brother for whose sake he goes to the dark side. The second Aamir, who is frail and sickly, will be revealed in the climax of the film. The complexity with which the story unfolds will be interesting to see. It will also be interesting to witness how perfectionist Khan goes from an extremely fit villain to a man practically on his death bed. The idea is reportedly a result of director Aditya Chopra‘s genius creativity.

Author: Diana Lydia


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