Aditi Rathore’s Latest Instagram Update Is Like A Positive Ray Of Sunshine For Her Fans

Aditi Rathore

The beautiful and talented actress who remains more in the headlines for being in an unknown zone is nonetheless loved dearly by her fans.

The Naamkarann star, Aditi Rathore, has always kept it low when it comes to being active on social media but whenever she does, it stirs a happy roar among her fans.

This latest selfie that the actress has posted is like the positive ray of sunshine for her admirers.

Looking fresh and glowing as always, this beauty never ceases to amaze us with her simplicity and natural calmness that her face emits.

The fans are so much delighted after her post that #Aditirathore has started trending on Twitter at 11pm IST.

Check out her latest post right here and shower all the love that you can on your favorite lady –


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