ALT Balaji’s ‘Hum’ Revolving Around 3 Sisters And Their Ambitions In Life Aims To Show How Complex Relationships Can Be! – PROMO REVIEW

Hum On Alt Balaji

ALT Balaji is back with a new webseries and this time it looks engaging and interesting.

Titled as ‘Hum – I’m because of us’, this webseries will showcase the lives of 3 sisters who are each other’s support system and a family.

Three ordinary sisters – Devina, Isha and Sakshi played by Ridhima Pandit, Karishma Sharma and Payal Bhojwani respectively and how their bond gets hampered when the character played by Kushal Tandon enters their lives – this is the theme of the show.

These three are definitely going to live complex lives and with the intertwining of love, lust, relationships and ambitions, they are certainly going to weave an extraordinary tale.

Take a look at the promo here –

What’s In The Promo –

The first promo that was released by the channel looks interesting and aims to showcase the bond between the three sisters who live together as a family.

Hum On Alt Balaji
Hum On Alt Balaji

Devina, the elder sister, who is protective and the responsible one cannot compromise on her self worth under any circumstance. “Chahe mujhmein duniya se ladne ki taakat na ho, lekin kabhi bechari nahi banungi” – this one dialogue says a lot about her character.

Hum On Alt Balaji

The middle one, Isha is the one who wants instant success and wealth. She doesn’t care if the world calls her a gold digger, all she wants is to fall in love with a rich guy.

Hum On Alt Balaji

The youngest is Sakshi, and she seems to be the little girl of the family and probably the narrator who is close to both her sisters.

Hum On Alt Balaji

What Can We Infer –

It will be Kushal Tandon’s character which will create a havoc in the calm lives of the 3 sisters.

Hum On Alt Balaji

Maybe he will have a relationship with Devina and Isha and will break the heart of Devina. He will show two different faces to these two girls and this love triangle is the thing which will create problems in their lives.

How the family stands or falls apart due to each other’s ambitions and desires will be interesting to know.

Hum On Alt Balaji

The High Points –

1. The Actors : Starring big names such as Kushal Tandon and Ridhima Pandit, ‘Hum’ will definitely attract audience. Payal Bhojwani will be seen after her stint in Naamkarann and Karishma Sharma will also play one of the sisters. Satyajit Sharma was also seen in the promos and it seems that he too will play a major role in the series.

Hum On Alt Balaji

2. The Emotional Drama :
This webseries will surely be a roller coaster ride of emotions. The bond between the sisters will be explored and how love hampers it. Will they make it or break it? That’s the question which this webseries will answer towards the end.

“Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”- This one line in the promo was very captivating. ‘Hum – I’m because of us’ – this webseries promises thrill, romance, emotions and drama.

This series will stream online on Alt Balaji from 30 July onwards. Hope it turns out to be an interesting watch as it promises to be.



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