AltBalaji’s Apharan Looks Engaging, Gripping And Amusing In The 70’s Classic Style! – PROMO REVIEW


AltBalaji has yet again come up with another web series that for sure will create a massive buzz out there again. After the love story of ‘Broken But Beautiful’, this time the saga is edgy, mysterious and crazy!

The promo showcases a husband getting cheated by his wife, cut to him being proposed with an easy and wilful kidnapping of an would be bride, cut to him asking for a ransom from the father of the bride, cut to the security officers, their negligence and later striving hard to find the ‘tall’ man who kidnapped the bride, cut to the kidnapper himself being assumed and assigned as the investigating officer of the kidnap and everything going haywire post that!

There are basically four things that makes this promo and eventually the series look interesting –

1. The pace of the promo was super fast! It tells you the whole plot of the story, that is quite messy in one go but very distinctly giving a glimpse and introduction of each pivotal character.

2.The 70’s style classic mystery keeps you at the edge of your seats.

3. Varun Badola and Arunoday Singh are the strongest two men to attract you. We are excited to watch this duo reveal their full potential in the series.

4. The big confusion that is created when the kidnapper himself is assigned as the investigating officer and solve the case, is amusing and literally adds spice to the twist!

In short, we are excited for this web series and the promo is a superb compilation of the lot as of now.

Apharan is all set to stream on AltBalaji from 14th December. And if you didn’t watch the trailer yet, watch it below –



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