Dexter returns for its eighth and final season. It will be a difficult season to watch as the show had brought forth such a unique concept that has made its mark in television. Very few shows have the capability to make the audience sympathize and dare I say, fall in love with a serial killer.

We are four episodes into season eight. We left off season seven with Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) killing Lieutenant LaGuerta (Loraine Velez). This season we see the consequences of Debra killing LaGuerta. She is having a very difficult time accepting that she murdered someone. She has left the Miami Metro and is now working as a private investigator. She is also on a downward spiral with her drinking and the occasional drugs. Dexter (Michael C Hall) is having a difficult time getting through to Debra as she wants nothing to do with him.

If you think Dexter didn’t have enough problems with Debra, there is a new murderer in town and he is aptly named “The Brain Surgeon” as he removes parts of the brain of his victims. Dr. Evelyn Vogel (Charlotte Rampling) is brought in to help catch as she is an expert in psychopaths. Shockingly for Dexter, it turns out that Vogel not only knows about who he really is, but that she helped create him or rather the code he follows for his kills. And if that wasn’t bad enough, it turns out that the brain surgeon serial killer is actually after Vogel and she wants Dexter’s help in finding and getting rid of him.

Dexter enlists Vogel to help him with Debra after Debra goes to the police station and confesses to Quinn (Desmond Harrington) how she murdered LaGuerta. Luckily for Dexter and Debra, Quinn thought she was just suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and that her confession was from the guilt of not being able to stop the murder.

Dexter finds out that Vogel has been keeping a file on him and writing about him in it. He thinks that she’s been using and testing him for an upcoming book. He tells her that she will be out of his life once the brain surgeon killer is caught.

We finally saw Debra go over the edge, literally. She finds out that her father, Harry (James Remar) committed suicide because he was unable to handle the guilt he felt because of Dexter. Debra tells Dexter that she wants to speak to him and they go for a ride. Once on a bridge, she pushes the steering wheel so the car goes flying off the bridge. An eyewitness to the crash jumps into the water and saves Debra. Debra sees the car sinking with Dexter and for a moment she hesitates, but then she jumps back in and saves Dexter. Why was Vogel keeping a file on Dexter? Was she really using him as a subject for an upcoming book?

After Debra saves Dexter, he is obviously very angry with her, but with the help of Vogel, they manage to work things out especially after Debra and Dexter both save Vogel from the Brain Surgeon who manages to kidnap Vogel. Dexter asks Debra and Vogel to accompany him on his boat as he gets rid of the Brain Surgeon’s body. Debra asked Dexter why he let them accompany him as he always does this alone to which Dexter replied he wanted to be with family.

Just when we start thinking things are slowly getting back to normal, a creepy kid comes into the picture; Zach Hamilton (Sam Underwood), son of a man who is a suspect in a murder case. Zach seems to have the same needs as Dexter. Vogel takes him on as a patient and enlists Dexter’s help in teaching Zach ‘The Code’. At first Dexter wanted to kill Zach, but then decided to teach him the code. Unfortunately, Zach has already killed so has a taste for murder and is unable to control his urges. Dexter suspects that Zach has killed his neighbor, Cassie (Bethany Joy Lenz).

And finally, guess whose back?! It’s none other than Hannah Mckay (Yvonne Strahovski)! She manages to poison Dexter and Debra only to dump Dexter by the road and leave Debra at home. She is now married, but wants out of the marriage and initially wanted to ask Dexter to murder her husband for her, but decided against it. Debra wants Hannah gone, but Dexter seems to soften up to her. He decides to kill her husband, but when he gets there he sees that Hannah has already done the job. He helps her clean up and dispose of the body. Debra, meanwhile, becomes suspicious of Dexter and plants a tracking device onto his car. Will this move cause issues between Dexter and Debra again? Will Dexter decide to kill Zach? To find out, keep watching Dexter and stay tuned to Fuze!

Author: Rahmina C.

Editor: A. Patel


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