And, The Award For The CRAPPIEST STORY Goes To Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2

Kasautii Zindagii Kay

Well, Well, Well.. the regular audiences of Star Plus’ Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2 would have already understood why we are giving it an award for the “Crappiest Story” but just for the sake of others who do not watch this show ( Trust us, you guys do yourself a favour by not watching it! ) let us brief you a bit on the story post leap and, and… “The Reason” why Anurag Basu pushed Prerna off the bridge.

So, post the leap of eight years, Mrs.Prerna Bajaj lives in London with Mr. Rishabh Bajaj and Cookie who does not calls Prerna as Mumma but addresses her by name. ( Kinda off because there was no mother daughter vibe at all! ) Prerna has went on to become a cold hearted, businesswoman and has even won an award of the “Businesswoman of the Year!” and has just one thing on her mind – Revenge from Anurag Basu.

Trust us when we say, we were too excited to see Prerna taking revenge from Anurag for what he did to her but at the same time, we were curious to know the reason behind Anurag’s actions.

In Friday’s episode, “The Reason” on which the whole post-leap plot depends was revealed and we begged for an undo button in real life. We begged for our precious thirty minutes back. We begged for it to be possible to unsee the episode! Wondering why? What’s the reason?

Here’s The REASON –


Irony died a slow , painful death because Anurag “Killed” Prerna to save her from “Presumed” death sentence.

Wait! Let us get our head around that one! Killing someone to save them from presumed punishment for a crime they never committed intentionally? Errrm.. Why did we watch this episode? Why? *Sighs!*

Anurag Basu – apparently the guy who topped in academics could not think of anything except for giving in to Komolika’s threats?

Anurag Basu – could not think of collecting the proofs of Sonalika being Komolika that she herself threw at him and handing it to the police that would have resulted in Komolika’s arrest.

Did the writers forget their own story? Did they forget that Komolika is a murderer herself and is running from Police?

Guess, YES!

The whole Pre – leap hype and the Post – leap plot is based on the stupidest of reason ever and we just cannot believe that writers think, audiences are fools who would forget the story just like they did and will accept whatever crap will be served on their platter.

Well, guess what? Audiences are not fools. They remember everything.

The only good thing about this whole crap is, Mr.Bajaj’s re-entry in the show. Hope, it was not for just a few episodes but for as long as the show runs.


  1. Srsly dude🤣🤣🤣🤣such a waste show ever parth samthan is very good he is wasting his acting skills on this show plz I request him to leave the show and do something better he can do much much better and erica I hate bcoz when she came to ace of space she couldn’t respect a girl soo idk what kind of a girl she is a girl not respecting other girls decision Idk abt her but plz I request parth to leave this show


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