Aneri Vajani: Arjun Bijlani was always there to support me!



We at Fuze got one on one with Aneri Vajani who plays the sweet, lovable, innocent, happy-go-lucky Paakhi in Star Plus’s 8 PM time slot show Kaali..Ek Punar Avatar about the show ending, her co-star and what the future beholds for her. Here is Aneri at her candid best with us.

1) Kaali is your first show on TV, how does it feel to be a part of the Television Industry?
– Aahhhhh its Beautiful!!! Loving every bit of it! Everyday something new.

2) How is Aneri different from on the set to off the set?
– Well the role I was playing was just like what Aneri is in real life !So on screen and off screen I was just the same. Paakhi was chulbuli so is Aneri ,Paakhi loved her mom so does Aneri, Paakhi was cute, lovable, innocent, beautiful and so is Aneri , Paakhi was pampered a lot and so is Aneri too! But yes Paakhi likes Indian and stuff but Aneri doesn’t really like wearing Indian too much.

3) How was the experience working with Arjun Bijlani?
– He was great to work with and as it was my first serial, he was always there to support me !

4) As a child/teenager did you always want to be a part of the television industry?
– Well, yes it was a Dream come true !

5) Your most memorable experience at the sets of Kaali?
– There are a lot of moments! Firstly, when I did my first crying scene I didn’t know I could cry so much. Then that scene when my brother dies was epic! And my first romantic scene ever! Everything on the set was a new experience for me each day!

6) Kaali ends on the 8th March your thoughts on it?
– Well the show of course had all the potential to go a long way but then good things have to end for something even more good to happen and so did Kaali !

7) Where can the audience see you next?
– Right now I have no idea. But I am sure very soon somewhere you will see me!

Interview : Surya Ravi
Editor: Saheli Goswami


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