Aneri Vajani – In Future Saanjh Will Very Much Be Seen Fighting In Court!

Aneri Vajani
Aneri Vajani
Aneri Vajani
Aneri Vajani

Actress Aneri Vajani has literally grown heaps and bounds from the time she started in the Indian Television industry. From playing Pakhi, to Shanaya, to Nisha, to Saanjh the actress has just grown. With Fuzion Productions, the actress happens to share a very friendly rapport and every time we speak with her we can’t help but praise her. The gorgeous, bubbly girl next door, Aneri Vajani, is surely one of a kind. Today Fuze caught up with her sharing a few smiles and laughs in an exclusive chat about her show Beyhadh and her character Saanjh in the show.

Today when we had a one on one phone conversation with her, the actress in a small interview shared with us why she decided to play Saanjh, what does she like about her character, the future of Saanjh, movies she watched, fun times she has had on the sets, her co-actors and way much more!

1) According to Aneri Vajani, what is the best quality of Saanjh?

Best quality of Saanjh is she is very giving and right now may be she is crying too much but when you have a heart break anybody in the world would cry. I am getting a lot of Tweets saying that Saanjh is crying in every episode but if you consider a normal girl who has fallen in love for the first time and just with the one person throughout her life, if that person goes away from you, you are naturally going to cry.

Yes, Saanjh is going to come out of that phase too and she is not going to cry. Main thing is that she is very giving, she is full of life and Saanjh will bounce back soon and for that people will have to wait.

2) How is it working with Kushal Tandon and Jennifer Winget?

It is crazy. Kushal and me share a very special bond. He treats me like a baby on the set and he is my crazy friend on set and we have a great time shooting together.

Jennifer and me also have gelled up really well and we have had like some crazy fun in Mauritius. It is crazy working with both of them.

Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh
Aneri Vajani In Beyhadh

3) 1st time you are playing a lawyer onscreen. In future will we see Saanjh battling it out in the court of law?

This is the reason I have signed the show, because Saanjh is a lawyer which I have never played earlier. The character of Saanjh is not strong from the very beginning. This character has a journey of going from the very bubbly, cute, sweet looking girl who is very innocent to a person who is going to become very strong and is going to fight for her love and who is not going to be giving anymore and she is going to be a very strong personality later on in the story.

It is a journey of a very non confident girl to a girl who becomes ambitious. Has a lot of dreams and of course she will fight back for Arjun and she is not going to be like what she was earlier. And yes, in future Saanjh will very much be seen fighting in court.

4) One funny incident on beyhadh sets you would like to share?

There a lot of funny incidents that keep happening everyday on Beyhadh sets. Every day is fun on the sets because, we have like different makeup rooms for Kushal, mine, Arjun’s mom and brother. We have like a different place for our makeup rooms, so we lunch together every day, 6 of us. The lunch time is the best time for all of us. We go crazy laughing and we don’t even eat lunch, agar do unit chal rahi hai meri unit ka break hogaya to we wait for Kushal or Kushal will wait for us and have lunch together.

We share our dabbas everyday. Kushal gets me aloo parathas everyday because he wants me to gain weight.

5) Lately have you watched any Indian show on TV?

I have just been watching Beyhadh, I have no time to watch any Indian television show because we have been shooting everyday.

6) Any movie you have watched recently?

I watched Dangal and I loved it!


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