Anika Rejects Shivaay – Things You Would Want To Watch In Ishqbaaaz Next!

Anika and Shivaay

Star Plus’s Ishqbaaz is gearing up for some major twists and turns in the lives of Shivaay – Anika (Nakuul Mehta And Surbhi Chandana) and O’Bros a.k.a Ruda and Omkara (Leneesh Mattoo and Kunal Jaisingh).

In the upcoming episodes Shivaay and Anika’s love story will be seen hit by some road blocks starting with Anika rejecting Shivaay’s apology, Rudra and Saumya (Neha Lakshmi Iyer) accidentally getting married and Omkara’s past being revisited.

Everyone is pretty much aware of the fact that Anika has come close to understanding the connection she feels towards Shivaay and why she might have done what ever she did to save him.

This has now made Anika a bit apprehensive and she might now take a step back and try keeping a considerable distance from Shivaay be it physically or emotionally to save herself from getting further into the depth of these feelings.

However, the upcoming twist in ShiVika’s life has us excited for how their story is going to progress and this is what we would want to see happening with regards to them in the show next:

Anika and Shivaay

Shivaay making it up to Anika consciously

Time and again Shivaay has doubted and insulted Anika. It has always been because of his prejudices against her and her upbringing, his own raging feelings that he wants to constantly deny and his disability to place complete trust on her. All this despite of her always saving him and his family from all the harm coming towards them.

This time he went overboard with his insults and his derogatory remarks at her. He needs to really make up to her properly, apologize and assure that it wont be repeated again, no matter what and that too in a conscious state not in an inebriated state. Anika has done more than enough now for him to cut her some slack and spare her his angry impulsive insults.

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