Anil Jha Resurrects SRK Twitter Followers With A New Tweet!


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Star Network India’s Events, Network and Special Programming Head Anil Jha is a reputed person within the industry. His long-term association with Star Network has proved his loyalty and perseverance. Recently, Anil Jha has made headlines with a picture that was tweeted on the social networking platform, Twitter. The picture highlights Bollywood celebrity Shah Rukh Khan, who happened to be featuring at IIFA 2011 event in Toronto, Canada. Tweeting away, “#WeLoveSRK the most memorable pic of @iamsrk that I had taken in Toronto while on a cruise in Lake Ontario”, Anil Jha surely made Shah Rukh Khan followers joyful with the recent glimpse being uploaded.

Over the past few years, Twitter has embedded itself as perfect brand for instant interaction among users. Many celebrities joined the social media platform, while others have shied away. Known names like Amitabh Bachchan, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Justin Bieber and others have become “twitter addicts” as they’ve found the place to interact with everyone and specially their ardent fans. Twitter has enable such celebrities to build hype, promotions and social causes. Shah Rukh Khan who is been missing from social networking site Twitter or rather has left the site is being missed badly by his ardent fans, who want him back on the social networking site. Who, wouldn’t want him back? After all, Shah Rukh Khan has a fan following that’s worth 3 million on twitter and is quite popular all over the world. Now, that’s what we call stardom! However with the stardom, comes harsh critical opinions which storm the social media platform within seconds.

Twitter recently has seen the loss of major Bollywood celebrities like Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Imran Khan due to harsh comments and social stalkers. Recently, insensitive harsh social activists’ have been hounding these stars using the social site Twitter. Shah Rukh Khan has also been the victim to such brutal vocal attacks by these insensitive social activists, resulting in his departure from Twitter. Due to negative impacts being present on Twitter, celebrities and ardent fans have to pay for the consequences which were unforeseen to them prior to joining the popular world of Twitter.

Author:  Divya Tamaskar

Editor: A. Patel


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