Another Huge Trend By The Fans Make Naamkarann An Unforgettable Show, Forever And Always!


Neither it’s the first time that we are here writing another piece again about the famous Twitter trends that make the heads turn not it’s the first time for the famous Naamkarann squad to break another record in a unintentional trend.

The fans of this show leave us amazed everytime by the enthusiasm and love they harbor for a show that has now been off air since long.

With time, no matter how great the show is, loses its hype in the social media but fans of this show have never failed to keep it alive and the fire of Neil and Avni, burning through their constant showcase of affection for the show.

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The fans of the show took Twitter platform once again trending #NaamkarannForeverAndAlways and surprisingly tweeting in such huge numbers that it broke their own record.

The zeal and the dedication of this fandom towards their favourites and the show truly deserves and applause.

Its inevitable for a show as great as this one to faze away from viewers memory so quickly. It was undoubtedly a cult show that has sent benchmark for the future shows too!


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