Anshuman Malhotra : When I Came To Bombay I Directly Started Working

Anshuman Malhotra
Anshuman Malhotra

Rajshri is the production house that has given us many memorable hits and new faces. The same production house is now back with a movie called Hum Chaar, which promises to be a sweet tale of friendship and is releasing today (15 February) . We caught with Anshuman Malhotra who plays the character of Abeer in the movie for a little chit chat. Here are the excerpts from the interview:

Q) Your movie has released today, how are the emotions running, what is currently going on in your mind?

Actually we’ve been so busy with the promotions that I can’t feel anything right now. Even right now I’m on my way and I’m going to see the movie with my friends and we will be going to some of the theatres nearby. I am really excited. Yesterday our families and extended families got to see the movie and it was really overwhelming and I was happy to see them happy. Maybe later in the day we will go and watch the movie along with audience and ask them for their feedback in person.

Q) So you said the two families went to watch the movie yesterday, how did they react when they saw you on the big screen? Were there any special comments that they had?

They said that they can’t see me cry. They get very emotional if there is an emotional scene that I am giving. My mother and my younger brother were there and they loved it. They loved everyone in the movie.

Q) So Hum Chaar is about friendship. So would you want to share some anecdotes about your friends from your growing years or an experience of connecting back with an estranged friend after working
in this movie?

All my life since I was a kid my friends have played a very important role in my life. They helped me grow and helped me understand what is right or wrong. My best friend is my mom and then I have a very small circle of friends and they are just like family to me. I love them like I love my mom, my dad and my brother. If there is any important discussion, they come home and they are all sitting around with my family like a family. And that is what we are trying to say with this movie as well that your friends are not just your friends but they are like your family. You can’t differentiate between my love for my friends and my mother. I love them in different way than my mom. The biggest thing about friends is that they are always there with you. They will always keep telling you to do the right thing and keep checking on you. I feel really blessed to have really beautiful friends.

Anshuman Malhotra
Anshuman Malhotra

I feel so happy when I see my friends seeing my film and see them happy while watching it. Because I was not always like this. When I was a kid so I did not study a lot and I used to hate going to school and that was a very big reason that I didn’t go to college. My teachers would tell my mom that they have no clue on what I would do.

When I came to Bombay I directly started working because I had no clue what to do. I only knew I want to do something – Theatre or singing or acting. I wanted to do something creative, as my dad is also a musician and I had that thing from him. My character from the movie is also from Kanpur and even I was born and brought up in Kanpur.

So I feel really nice that at some point of time my teachers and all the people in Kanpur will see the film. I hope that I also inspire a few people. Because I was the one who was the most nikamma in my whole city. So if I can do something, if I can be a part of such a beautiful film and do something in life then everyone should try and do what their heart wants to do.

Q) You said you are also from Kanpur, so I want to know how similar or different are you from your character of Abeer in the movie Hum Chaar?

The thing is that we keep on evolving with our experiences and that is also true for me. I keep learning new things and keep getting better. I had to find Abeer inside me and bring him out. At this point of time I am nothing like my character. My character in the film is like the most seedha, innocent, shy and a beautiful human. But what is different with this film is that the characters are very real. Even as nice human beings we make mistakes and we have a bit of grey in each one of us, which is true for all characters in the movie. They are all very real.

So in this movie, Abeer is a really nice person, but you know, innocent people, honest people also sometimes end up doing something wrong. You see a lot of layering with the characters. The only similarity between me and Abeer is that we are both from Kanpur and the dialect is very authentic. So if people in Kanpur watch it, they will surely love it.

q) You have done a bit of TV with Splitsvilla, so how was the transition for you to migrate to movies from TV?

Actually I did a film first and then Splitsvilla. I have been really funny like that. A lot of people do Splitsvilla and Roadies to get fame and then they do a film. So we finished shooting for this movie last year and then I got into Splitsvilla.

Last year I was going to do this movie with Nawaz, which was to be produced by Viacom and I was there attending workshops when they asked me if I would want to do the show. I said no initially as we had been shooting for 55-65 days for the film, so I was really tired. I wanted to work but I wanted to do something fun. I realised that I was so scared to do this show that I should give it a try. And yeah, that is the reason I was in there. And I really had a lot of fun. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of young actor very concerned about their image, how they look, what kind of shows they’re doing, what kind of films they are doing, they can’t do Splitsvilla as it is tacky. I don’t believe in all that. I think we have a very small life and you never know what is to happen next. I don’t want to sound negative but with life you never know what is going to happen.

I think one should try and do everything possible. Like I’m acting now but it’s not only acting that I want to do, I want to sing, I don’t mind even doing farming. I want to do everything.


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