Arian Romal About Sushant Singh Rajput – “He Was The Only One Eating His Diet Food While Everyone Else Was Literally Drinking”

Sushant Singh Rajput
Sushant Singh Rajput (A Still from ChhiChhore)

Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden demise has shocked and taken aback everyone. On June 14th 2020 the actor breathed his last, but even today nearly 3 months later the fight to get justice to this shining star continues.

Every other day we have a new angle in the public domain regarding Sushant Singh Rajput’s death case.

He was indeed a skilled individual. A good actor and an intelligent star. He often motivated and inspired many. A do gooder, his knowledge and aptitude was beyond reach.

He could pilot an aircraft, he could solve mathematics equations in the blink of the eye, he could talk about astronomy, discuss astrophysics and quantum physics, he also could do coding. He was brainy and a genius of the rare kind.

A do gooder who went out of his way to extend help (he sent children to NASA, batted for the cause of education) and a man who wanted to contribute to a better India with technology, that is who Sushant Singh Rajput was, is and will be!

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Now in another news we have learnt that Sushant Singh Rajput spoke of developing a mobile application to help the poor.

Artist and entrepreneur Arian Romal has told IANS that the actor planned to use AI (artificial intelligence) to help the poor in India.

The entrepreneur shared with IANS that Sushant Singh Rajput spoke about the concept to him, “The last time I met Sushant, it was a year ago at a party in Mumbai around March or April. At that time, we had a conversation around technology. He spoke of developing a mobile application. By 2020, there must be something he had built. Where is it? He was building something using AI that would help the poor in India. He spoke about it but didn’t reveal much to me because it was his idea and it might get stolen. But he spoke to me about the concept. His aim was to help the poor with his app”.

Recalling his conversation with SSR, Arian Romal also said, “There are some people that make an impression on you. He was one of those guys. I have been into building apps, so I found the conversation quite interesting. It is amazing for an actor to have so much knowledge and curiosity about AI and what kind of technology is required for it, because that is not the world they live in. This guy was different. He knew the right words and asked the right questions” .

He also talked about when he met Sushant Singh Rajput for the first time about four years ago. Recalling that time the artist and entrepreneur shares about how serious Sushant Singh Rajput was about his work and discipline. “I live abroad but I met Sushant years back in Mumbai, when I was in the city on work. This was about four years ago, when he was living in Malad. I remember meeting Sushant for the first time at a television actor’s birthday party. I was sitting next to Sushant with my drink but I didn’t know who he was at that time. Just casually I asked him, where is your drink? Let’s say cheers! He said, ‘no bro, I am just having my diet meal’. He was carrying a tiffin box with boiled chicken. He was the only one eating his diet food while everyone else was literally drinking and having fun! I insisted he should have one drink, but he refused saying it would affect his preparation for a role. I had an impression that the guy was serious about his work and discipline” .

In the IANS report the singer and entrepreneur also expressed his thoughts on the actor’s death and believes that the truth will come out, “Why can’t people have some respect for the deceased? (People are) Calling him a druggie and what not! Even Hitler got more respect after death. Friends of Sushant who were living off him should feel ashamed because they knew what kind of a person he actually was and what an image is being portrayed about him now”.

“No matter what happens, I sincerely believe that the truth will come out someday. Things are going in the right direction, I feel. Even if it is after five or 10 years, the truth should come out”

In an Instagram story Arian Romal recently rubbished all the reports calling him a drug addict and bipolar. And without mincing words he also wrote, ‘Whoever who still think that he was depressed, definitely don’t have enough IQ to understand his mind’.

View The Instagram Story Below –

News Courtesy – IANS

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