Asad Ahmed Khan ‘The Action Hero’-Qubool Hai

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Qubool Hai

4 Lion Films and Zee TV’s popular show Qubool Hai saw some action packed scenes in the week that went by. It was the protagonist Asad Ahmed Khan (Karan Singh Grover) who delivered some A1 kicks, punches to the villain and goons. First, it was Asad saving the female protagonist from the on-going ‘Forceful Wedding’ rituals. He made a cool, calm heroic entry to save Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) and carried her away from the clutches of Akram and his friends. Akram kidnapped Zoya when she went to apologize for running away from their (Akram-Zoya) wedding proceedings. Akram wanted revenge and thus kidnapped Zoya along with his associates. Asad only sent Zoya to apologize to Akram. On getting to know about Zoya being in trouble, Asad reached the wedding spot to protect her on time just before the bride was to utter the words “Qubool Hai”. The fighting scene and Asad-Zoya scene shown earlier in the previous week were impressive. The scenes which followed also showcased Asad’s guilt for sending Zoya to Akram and the viewers for the first time got to see Asad worried for someone apart from his mother Dilshad (Shalini Kapoor Sagar), sister Najma (Neha Laxmi Iyer) and step brother Ayaan (Rishabh Sinha). Indeed a change within the man is slowly taking place.Only time will tell if this Asad rescuing Zoya will have an impact on their relation and whether it will form a base for the relationship which will develop between Asad and Zoya in the future.

If the audiences liked this sequence of Asad fighting earlier in the previous week, then the audiences swooned over the scene on the December 31st 2012 Celebration episode when Asad fought the goons and police officer, acting on Haseena’s orders, to save his brother Ayaan who was kidnapped by Firoz. Ayaan has been held captive because Haseena wanted to know the truth behind Asad and Ayaan’s relation. When Asad gets to know that his step younger brother is in trouble, he comes to save Ayaan according to the clues given by Ayaan. The scenes of Asad fighting were indeed very well shot and worth watching. We guess at least 10% of the audiences viewing the show on TV/Online would have whistled seeing Karan Singh Grover in action. Apart from action Asad and Ayaan’s scene was also a mark of emotional upheaval. Asad in his anger at Firoz thrashed him and then made a emotional hard-hitting revelation that Ayaan is his brother. The scene depicted anger yet was emotional at the same time. Both the actors Karan & Rishabh played their parts very well in the scenes.

Haseena who was present away from the eyes of Asad and Ayaan hears the truth of their relationship. Now Haseena is thinking to use this information for her advantage. It has to be seen whether Asad will figure out that Firoz was acting upon Haseena’s orders. Will Asad be able to stop Haseena’s manipulative ideas before she causes any trouble to his step siblings? the audiences will get to know all this as the story unfolds. But seems like Asad after analyzing the situation will be able to come to conclusion about Haseena being the mastermind sooner or later and he would not let any harm touch his step siblings.

It has to be seen whether the base has been laid for Asad Zoya’s relation with Asad saving Zoya. Will this sequence between Asad- Zoya change their perspectives and thoughts about each other? Will Asad- Zoya continue their sweet Tom and Jerry arguments? Now that Haseena knows the relationship between Asad and Ayaan, will she be able to use it to her advantage? Will Asad- Ayaan relationship suffer as the truth is now out in front of Haseena? What holds in the future for Asad and Zoya? Will Asad and Zoya find a common ground and become friends? All this and more has to be waited and watched out for..

For now it is time for the viewers to enjoy the fighting, drama quotient scenes along with Asad-Zoya’s interesting ‘Nok-Jhok. We are looking forward for more ‘Action Packed’ Asad Ahmed Khan scenes in future.

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Author: Surya Ravi

Editor: Saheli Goswami

Graphics & Banner: Neha Sethi

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  1. Good observation….surely Asad is turning out to be action hero… 😛
    or in Zoya’s style “Terminator Mr.Khan”
    Guess Asad is proving to be knight in shining armour for both Ayaan & zoya 😛 😛
    Hope after so much action …Jahapanah gets to do some romance also 😛
    all the best to zile-elahi…& his kaneez… 😛 😛


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