Ashi Singh Sizzles In Black In Her Latest Instagram Post!

Ashi Singh

“HOT!” – Yes, we are pretty certain that this is the first word that must have crossed everyone’s mind after seeing the lovely Ashi Singh’s latest Instagram post.

First, have a look at the picture –

TOO HOT, Isn’t it?

It’s not the first time though that Ashi posted pictures in black but in this look, it’s definitely the first time and that nose wear is only adding to the beauty of this picture.

The Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai actress had been a pro at pulling off different clothing styles that dated back to 90s. She looked absolute cute and gorgeous wearing those salwar suits and frocks from 90s in the show. It added a different zeal to her character of Naina in the show. But she is also a pro in carrying off the modern fashion statements.

And black is one color that we noticed very often and one of the most suited ones on her Instagram.

Here are some more pictures of Ashi in Black just in case you missed seeing them before –


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