Ashmita Jaggi : Hope, My Mother Somewhere Sees A Reflection of Herself In Me!

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Ashmita Jaggi With Her Mother

Ashmita Jaggi, the Indian television actress is all set to make Mother’s day special for her mother.

The actress who has starred in Channel V’s Swim Team, is going to celebrate the 2018’s mother’s day with her mother in a unique way.

In an exclusive chat with Fuze, here’s what the Swim Team fame actress Ashmita Jaggi shared on the occasion of Mother’s day!

Looking back, how would you perceive your life shaped by your mother so far?

My mom is my real miracle. I would say, my life shaped by my mother is truly the best and I’m just grateful for it.

That one teaching by your mom that has always stayed with you?

There are so many, I don’t know where to start but the one thing is that, the way she has this pure unconditional love for everyone and she her presence spreads that love, I want to be able to do the very same.

What message would you want to convey to your mom, this Mother’s day?

Maa, you truly are a goddess to me and always will be. So. please accept my gesture of worshipping you and your magnificence.

The first ever gift you gave to your mom?


How are you planning to make this mother’s day special for your mom?

Well, I just shot a beautiful TVC wherein I play a mother and emote strength, compassion and empathy. I would like to share that with her and hope my mother somewhere sees a reflection of herself in me!

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