Aww So Cute – Namik Paul’s Captures With His Niece Is The Most Adorable Thing On The Internet Today – VIEW PICS!

Namik Paul
Namik Paul

Namik PaulIndian television actor Namik Paul is surely among the most sought out stars. TV buffs love the actor; his admirers adore and admire him to bits.

He is a fine performer. Every time he graces the screen he owns it with aplomb and in absolute style. The expressions Namik brings onscreen are LIT.

The tall, handsome, rugged actor of television has impressed right from the second he has appeared on the screen.

Be it as Shravan in Sony Entertainment Television’s Ek Duje Ke Vaaste or as Shiv/ Krish in Ek Deewaana Tha (Sony TV), the actor had been just wow and amazing.

Today is a very special day for the heartthrob. Holding his new born niece in his arms the actor is feeling ‘absolute joy’.

The actor lifting the little bundle of joy in his arms, tried his best not to move even a muscle as he did not want to interrupt her ‘little baby dreams’.

The frame capturing the mama and his niece is the cutest and most adorable thing one will see on the Internet today.

The captures will literally make you say, ‘aww, so sweet, super sweet’.

Namik Paul sharing the moment of joy on his social networking account, Instagram, wrote a beautiful post, namikpaul An utter lack of sleep and super delayed early morning flights weren’t going to get in the way of this newly minted Mama meeting his little neice 😍🥳 Holding her was an absolute joy, but also really terrifying because she’s just so delicate right now. So I tried my best to not move a muscle, or breathe too much in general. There’s no way I was going to interrupt her little baby dreams ❤” .

See the Aww Adorable Captures of Namik Paul and his niece below now –

Beautiful post and beautiful captures right?

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